The guardameta Chilean of the fc barcelona affirms that ficharía to antoine griezmann for the barça

This is the signing that would do Claudio Bravo for the Barça

This is the signing that would do Claudio Bravo for the Barça

Published:26/01/2016 - 19:51h


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The guardameta of the FC Barcelona Claudio Bravo conceded an interview to "Channel " in which it reviewed several subjects of the Barcelona actuality. Asked after his ex mate Antoine Griezmann, considered that has spare conditions for fichar by the Barça

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao - Glass
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

?I carried me a grata surprise with him. I had him home, it advised him, it threw him of the ears when it saw that it was going out of the way. It has done the things well, has matured fast (...). It understood that the way was to work and take care (...). It was very restless. Now it is player of world-wide size. Has spare conditions to play in the Barça?, it confirmed Bravo on the forward of the Athletic of Madrid. Precisely on the rojiblancos, next rival in League BBVA, also had words of praise.

?We have it clear. The Athletic of Madrid is a very serious entity. With good trainer, big players and is logical that was up. The way to compete and not abandoning never is what does him a so difficult rival. Have an idea súper clear, line by line has players very good. It knows to what plays?, it explained the Chilean on the seconds classified in the competition liguera.

Of his relation with the another guardameta of the team Marc-André ter Stegen, commented that "it is a complex subject" and that has looked for create controversy. ?I also want to be present in all the competitions and work for this, but this goes through a technical decision and I never go to generate a bad environment by not playing a competition. When it does not touch to play it is necessary to support. My relation with Ter Stegen is of work and compañerismo. It has treated to take out of context and look for the controversy. But the two know that this is in base to the work?, it said.

"Between Messi, Suárez and Neymar exists an enormous respect"

To the of Santiago also questioned him the relation that exists between the three forwards titled of the Barça, Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar Júnior. Claudio comments that between both there is a big respect, but so that this relation exist also depends on all the team. ?Between them it exists an enormous respect. They are people very normal with an incredible humility?, it elucidated to add that ?Inside this friendship there are more accomplices and the key of the success of the team is this big relation between all?.

Bravo also showed that it follows without having pelos in the tongue and that does not have any objection to the hour to say what thinks. And the not being in the eleven ideal of the FIFA of the past 2015 has not seemed him just. ?It seemed me rare not being in the eleven ideal, seeing that there were goalkeepers that had not played neither livestock what I, but this does not take me out of the main focus, that is to follow working?. Finally, also it spoke of his mate of profession Iker Boxes of the that commented that ?It has been very hard with Boxes. It has not valued well all the career that has done. It has abused him with all the attainments that has had?.

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