Valdano: "Messi is a genius, was born with a natural advantage"

Valdano: "Messi is a genius, was born with a natural advantage"

Published:20/02/2016 - 22:05h


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The ex footballer and Argentinian trainer Jorge Valdano ensalzó to his compatriot Leo Messi in a recent interview where spoke of the figure of the rosarino inside the FC Barcelona and in the selection of Argentina. Valdano Stands out to Leo like a genius with natural advantage

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It was in the interview conceded for "Sportive World", where the current commentator of "BeIn Sports" Jorge Valdano declared absolute fan of the forward of the FC Barcelona Leo Messi. Valdano Spoke on the "natural advantage" that has the one of Rosario and that his football already is marking all an era, the same that did in his day the also Argentinian Alfredo Gave Stéfano with the Real Madrid. 

"Messi is a genius, was born with a natural advantage", affirmed Valdano when being asked after the fight that keeps the player of 27 years with Cristiano Ronaldo for being the best of the world. On this, Valdano thinks that "to Christian amuse him the challenges. reta To each while and this has an extraordinary value".

"The Barcelona only has a name, calls Messi. The Madrid had the period Gave Stéfano, but received it with 27 years, almost the age that now has Messi", stood out the Argentinian on the best player of the world. A man, Messi, that formed in a FC Barcelona where learnt what is the collective game and served him to carry to the Barça to win absolutely everything with the on the field. "The collective game, Messi learnt it in the Barça and the Barça creates you habits that are not easy neither to purchase neither to represent in another place", explained.

Finally, it spoke on the difference of the Messi Barcelona with which plays with the Argentinian selection and gave some key to understand that his game was not the same. "The Barça knows it use, abuses of Messi, the whole team is able to twist the played only so that Messi participate of her. In Argentina, instead, some move too much, others do not know that it is necessary to give it to Messi even when it is marked, so in the selection his interventions are lower", said Valdano to conclude leaving clear that "throw him the fault to the best of the world seems me an extravangancia".

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