The trainer of the arsenal smashes into the organisation of the balloon of gold

You do not lose you the rajada of Wenger on the Balloon of Gold

You do not lose you the rajada of Wenger on the Balloon of Gold

Published:7/11/2015 - 13:37h


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The trainer of the Arsenal, Arsène Wenger, has surprised from England with some statements that sure will have raised ampollas in the heights estamentos of the FIFA. The technician of the group "gunner" has described the celebration of the Balloon of Gold like "rubbish"

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In words pronounced from England, Arsène Wenger has rushed forward duramente against what considers a celebration of the "selfishness" in the world of the football, the gala of the Balloon of Gold that celebrates every year in Zúrich at the beginning of January, ensuring that it does not do him any good to the sport when boosting the individual ambition and the thought in one same instead of the values of the group, of the collective game and of the know win jointly, like team, and no like individual.

"I do not go with anybody in this career for being the best. I think that this award encourages the selfishness and encourages to the players to go more by own profit in determinate played that why mate finds in better position, thus I think that the award is a rubbish", has criticised of way more than rotunda the technician of the Arsenal, although one of his players, Alexis Sánchez, has happened the cut like one of the applicants to achieve the award.

In spite of his statements, Wenger has accessed to give his opinion on to who considers better, if Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, that in his day were related with the Arsenal. "I do not go in in debates, although Messi is slightly upper since besides you took, but I do not go with anybody, is not my problem", has ensured the trainer.

In any case, the eternal binomial between Messi and Cristiano will go back to esclarecerse the next 11 January when they give the fifth Balloon of Gold to the Argentinian star, clearly the one who more merits has done individual and collectively during this year 2015 for achieving the prize. Messi will turn into the only player of the history of the football in having five Balloons of Gold, distanciándose in addition to the three of a Christian Ronaldo to the one who already remains him little bellows to follow lidiando with the Argentinian. To his almost 31 years, the decline futbolístico of Cristiano Ronaldo will not take in speeding up .

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