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Communiqué of the Rennes to answer to the 'Ney' more controversial

Published:1/02/2018 - 10:10h

Updated:1/02/2018 - 12:58h

The Rennes has issued a communiqué to answer to the statements of Neymar Jr on the hardness of his players, remembering to the Brazilian that the only lesionado of the party that finish with 2-3 does some days was a player of the local group

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The Rennes has issued in the last hours an escueto communicated with which has answered to the recent statements of Neymar Jr, the one who criticised the hardness in the game of the local players after the last clash between both teams, won by Paris Saint-Germain by 2-3, and in which Kylian Mbappé was expelled by an ugly entrance.

"Neymar, are a big player but who resulted lesionado yesterday after a burda lacking? One of the Rennes, Ismaïla Sarr, that will be moved away of the terrains of games 3 months owing to another ugly gesture", has been the brief communiqué of the Rennes, that puts in check to Neymar Jr after some statements what less controversial.

"They stop me with hits and I game to the football. They cause me but I also know to cause to my way: with the balloon and with my football. I am not here to give hits, do not know to do this. I defend me with the balloon", were part of the words of Neymar Jr after the Rennes-PSG.

Neymar Goes on doing 'enemies' in France

"I know that the people goes to speak of this, but have to put in my place and if the defences cause me I go to cause even more. And I go to do win to my team", added the ex player of the FC Barcelona in relation to the derivative controversy of the party of Glass of France.

We remember besides that, in the same party, Neymar starred an ugly gesture with a player of the Rennes, Hamari Traoré, to the one who extended the hand to help to raise him when it was in the floor, withdrawing it second afterwards with a smile burlona. The action cost him a yellow card by behaviour antideportiva, although after the party the player ensured that it only had been a "prank".

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