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The escenary that Spain does not want in the eliminatory

Published:12/11/2021 - 00:12h

Updated:12/11/2021 - 00:18h

If Spain falls in the repechage could finish in a stage of parties very complex with rivals very difficult to confront, by what "The Red" wants to ensure his direct pass to Qatar

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Only it is missing little more than a year for the world-wide of Qatar. In what it comprises the "zone UEFA" already have begun the two last and intense days to know the name of the 10 selections that will have in the stock exchange a ticket to the maximum competition of football. The three remaining contingents will decide in the repechage, one that could be extremely dangerous.

The reason, is because the "playoffs" are an authentic quebradero of head. For the moment, "The Red" has ensured his participation to give the stage of not finishing in the first place of the Group B. In fact, if it remained in the third place would finish by behind Sweden and Greece would have a ticket to the referred repechage. This is possible thanks to having remained like subcampeón of the Nations League.

The repechage goes to be contested by the 10 second teams of the 10 groups of the "Zone UEFA" have not attained to put in the World-wide together with the two winners of the Nations League. The detail, is that they exist a lot of cheats in the "playoff".

The serial of the repechage

The 12 qualifiers will confront in six semifinals that are pautadas for the 24 and 25 March to only party. Afterwards, they will contest three finals the 28 and 29 March of which will go out the three last qualifiers of the "zone UEFA". The final parties also will be to only party, what increases and complicates any stage and prognosis.

The positive side of the repechage for "The Red", is that it would be head in the draw and the team against which would measure would be of the Bass drum 2. The possibility to be heads of series will be for the six seconds with better punctuation in each group of the eliminatory. However, the four seconds with the punctuation but drop and the two qualifiers for having arrived to the final of the Nations League will not have this privilege.

The negative appearances, on the other hand, are many. For the moment, the Norwegian of Haaland and Odegaard, although it is not head of series, could confront to Spain in the semifinals of the repechage. Also it could confront to the Wales of Gareth Bleat or to the Austria of David Praises. In the final Spain could find with with the Poland of Robert Lewandowski, with the the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo or also with the Croatia of Luka Modric. Definitely that the draw of the repechage would be a serial by the hard rival that would expect him to the deLuis Enrique to fall in this stage.

Stages cambiantes

However, of here to March, the teams that go to the repechage could change. For example, Portugal lídera the Group To,something that would send to Serbia to the "playoff". Neither descarta that it was even more complicated. In fact, Italy, the current champion of Europe, is empatada with Switzerland in the leadership of the Group C. Besides, it is possible that in the repechage finish Belgium and France, but this last stage is the less likely non-existent. The same can say of England, but his step

By the moments, the selections that would contest the repechage, are the following:

  • Portugal (2ª Group To, 16 points) (head of series)
  • Switzerland (2ª Group C, 14 points) (head of series)
  • Scotland (2ª Group F, 14 points) (head of series)
  • Spain (2ª Group B, 13 points) (head of series)
  • Poland (2ª Group I, 11 points) (head of series)
  • Croatia (2ª Group H, 11 points) (head of series)
  • Czech Republic (2ª Group And, 11 points) (no head of series)
  • Norway (2ª Group G, 11 points) (no head of series)
  • Romania (2ª Group J, 10 points) (no head of series)
  • Ukraine (2ª Group D, 9 points) (no head of series)
  • Wales (1ª better classified of the Nations League without square to day of today)
  • Austria (2ª better classified of the Nations League without square to day of today)
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