Gianluigi Buffon, beside Leo Messi during the Barça-Juve

The myth of the Juventus

Gianluigi Buffon announces when it will leave the professional football

Published:12/06/2017 - 09:07h

Updated:13/06/2017 - 13:22h

All a myth of the world-wide football as it is Gianluigi Buffon will follow playing another season more with the Juventus of Turín in spite of his 39 years of age. In fact, the veteran guardameta has given recently the date in which it will hang the gloves

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The fans of the Juventus of Turín already knows what time remains them to be able to enjoy of his guardameta Gianluigi Buffon. They, and the fans to the football in general, will be able to see to one of the best goalkeepers of the history (if no the best) until the World-wide of Russia 2018.

That is the date that has given the cancerbero bianconero like limit to his withdrawal. This yes, warned that it could have a fact that forced "him" to be followed a course more in the Juve: Win the Champions League.

"To the 99,9 percent will withdraw me after the World-wide, but there is an agreement with the president Agnelli. It is a his request. If it happened something particular, could postpone in a year my withdrawal", affirmed in an interview for "Sky Sport".

Buffon, with the dream to win the Champions

The put did not appoint directly the Champions neither his triumph in this, but yes that it left it fall. That is the only title that is missing him to the goalkeeper and that truncated him after the final of Cardiff in front of the Real Madrid. 

"It is very complicated that it can happen", concretised. The can heave with the "orejona" would allow him have options to contest the Supercopa of Europe and the World-wide of clubs, the others two titles that, obviously, has not been able to achieve.

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