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Infantino would take advantage of the crisis to reform the world of football

Published:23/03/2020 - 16:57h

Updated:23/03/2020 - 16:57h

Gianni Infantino assured that the crisis that is causing the coronavirus could serve to reform the world of soccer as it is known. The FIFA president also wanted to clarify that health is above all

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The coronavirus is affecting already to all the clubs of the world and in the next months goes to see the effect that could have to half term the crisis originated by this illness. Gianni Infantino, president of the FIFA, wanted to contribute his point of view especially what is sucediendo. The responsible maximum of the International Federation of Football wanted to stand out the importance to take advantage of this situation to change the paradigm of the current football.

"It does lacking to study the global impact of this crisis. Now it is difficult, do not know when we will go back to the normality. But fix us in the opportunities. Perhaps we can reform the world-wide football stepping backwards. With distinct formats. Fewer tournaments, but more interesting. Perhaps with fewer teams, but more equalised. Fewer parties to protect the health of the players, but more equalised. It is not science fiction. It is necessary to calculate the damages, will see how cover them", explained in an interview for the 'Gazzetta dello Sport'.

Infantino Always has stood out for wanting to do a reform like which explains in these statements to the Italian newspaper. The president of the FIFA created the World-wide of Clubs with this intention, but still expects to go further after what could cause this crisis by the COVID-19. Precisely of this World-wide also spoke and signalled the importance that goes to have for the development of this new politics that pretends to initiate.

"The new World-wide of Clubs does fault to develop the football. They wanted to it all the clubs, included the 'top' European. When the UEFA created the Champions thirty years ago, there was an insurrection of Federations and Leagues, had fear of the novelties. Now they say that it was something genial", affirmed. It is necessary to remember that this tournament between the 24 better teams of the world had to celebrate in 2021, but the Eurocopa has forced to that the FIFA yield these dates in summer. His maximum mandator says now that it still does not know if the competition will contest to the next year or more advance. "Soon we will decide if it will play the first edition in 2021, in 2022 or 2023", commented.

The health above all else the other

In spite of trying do political taking advantage of of this crisis, Infantino also left clear that the most important now is to place in front the health to the sport. The president of the FIFA thinks that the best is to be realistic and admit that the football will not return until it was 100% insurance for the health of all. "First the health and afterwards all the other. And the other, for the directors, is to expect the best and prepare for the worst. Without panic, but it is necessary to say it clear. It will play when it can without putting in danger the health of anybody. The Federations and the Leagues have to follow the recommendations of the governments", recognised.

Finally, the Swiss cleared the important that goes to be try salvaguardar the agreements of the footballers in front of the economic crisis that comes , but taking into account that they come moments to do grantings. Besides, it showed satisfied for having arrived to agreements by the common profit regarding the tournaments of selections, that will include in the calendar of 2021. "We have showed spirit of cooperation and solidarity with Europe and Suramérica. Now it is necessary to think in the calendar of the selections and in the decisions on the regulation of the status of the players and the signings. It is necessary to think in protecting the agreements. They do lacking hard measures, but there is not another option. All will have to do sacrifices", finalised.

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