The aledaños of Old Trafford with the security watching and the fans evacuated

Desalojaron Old Trafford

Suspended the Manchester United-Bournemouth by a bomb 

Published:15/05/2016 - 20:25h

Updated:15/05/2016 - 20:25h

The British security forces had to suspend the party of the Premier League between Manchester United and Bournemouth after a warning of bomb in the terracings of Old Trafford. An artefact that found and explosion of form controlled

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It could have been a tragedy but finally remained in an explosion controlled. All after it found a suspicious package in one of the terracings of the stadium of the Manchester United, Old Trafford, before the dispute of the party in front of the Bournemouth where the "red devils" apuraban the last options of classification for the UEFA Champions League.

As it informed the own English club, the members of security found a package in the terracings StrettfordEnd and Sir Alex Ferguson, populated by 20 one thousand followers. After desalojar the zone before start of the meeting and postpone the beginning of this, checked that it treated of an explosive artefact formed by a container of gas with a mobile telephone hit to this.

The security forces, without anybody near of the zone, explosionaron of form controlled the artefact. The same security decided to decree the suspension of the meeting after the same referee Jon Moss decided to delay the dispute of the party.

The ones of Louis go Gaal played the classify for the next edition of the Champions League with the Manchester City, however, after the ones of Pellegrini empatasen to one in his meeting in front of the Swansea the mathematical possibilities of the United banished and will have to contest the Europe League the next campaign.

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