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Three days of life: Chronology of the failure of the Superliga

Published:21/04/2021 - 18:40h

Updated:21/04/2021 - 23:07h

The reconstruction of the birth and death of a project that hoarded the attention of the world-wide football, but that dispelled súbitamente

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72 hours before, anybody imagined what sucedería. 12 founders of an ambitious project, finished diluting cual fierce effect dominated that it follows without detaining and continues his trascurso vertiginous direct to tumbar the last piece, that although rich and powerful is not exenta to finish falling. The Superliga is in decline, the members founders suddenly dispel súbitamente. Simply, fracasó.

"Starting point"

It is not simple to elucidate a starting point, as it is an idea that carries years gestándose. But, if it could mark the kilometre zero of this denouement would be the Thursday, does exactly six days. On 15 April 2021 in a discreet place of Madrid, Florentino Pérez, brain and main face of the Superliga, gathered with Miguel Ángel Gil, adviser delegated of the Athletic. In said meeting also did act of presence a high charge of the Tottenham and Anas Laghari, general secretary of the Superliga, man of confidence of Florentino and partner of Key Main, the investment fund that is behind the project.

To Florentino, decided to take out to float through thick and thin the Superliga, him martilleaba an idea. The New Bernabéu can not house only a pair of important parties to the year. Once it have renewed his mandate, begins to add follower to convince them that there is not future without this revolution. It had to do it already, as the official announcement of the new Champions would be the following Monday. To Gil Marín constrained him, the message was "you or the Seville".

Laporta Travelled to Madrid

Laporta Took advantage of his stay in Madrid to enjoy of the Supercopa of five-a-side football the Thursday for, before leaving to Seville of face to the final of the Glass, gather also with his homologous Florentino. Laporta Went up to the train that already had set up Bartomeu, sabedor that the economic injection is the salvation to all the evils of the Barcelona club, but that it had to subject to the approval of the partners.

They approached the critical hours. Already they crossed documents the Saturday to formalise the adhesions and leave put the legal bases. The 12 presidents kept a videoconference by zoom. UEFA, FIFA and the leagues already were to the so much of what was sucediendo. Ceferin Calls to Agnelli, president of the Juventus and key piece in the board beside Florentino, this him mintió saying him that they were simple rumours. No longer it took more the telephone.


The morning of the Sunday was the deadline to remit the documentation signed. Although the Manchester City was the one who more doubts posed, already were all decided. 12 founders, because it had not been able to convince to clubs like Bayern or PSG, that by distinct reasons did not add . Already with all decided, knew that after the pitazo of exit, the following steps were, first win to the public opinion, and afterwards win the ruda juridical battle. In spite of that there is an agency of communication with headquarters in London and also in Madrid, there were not clear lines with the following steps to the hour to show it to the world.

And, it went the Sunday to the two of the afternoon when The Times and MARK desvelaron the world-wide scoop of the imminent birth of the Superliga European. All precipitated , to the point that without that it existed an official communiqué of the recently born Superliga, had preventive answers. The Premier League was the first in heaving the voice, just before the conjoint note of UEFA with federations and Spanish leagues, English and Italian. The movement was solid, even advanced to the official announcement of the new tournament.

Internally it debated when give the final step. Until 26 versions of the communiqué were written. The English had greater haste in taking out it and wanted to that it was before the Monday. The popular and political pressure was more appalling in England and the first nerves attacked. Finally it tightened the button of rise to the 0.20 hours, grieve half day before the UEFA announced the new Champions. The official news retorted in the respective webs of the clubs.


Ten minutes before, the new entity sent a formal mail to the mercantile court of Madrid with two aims: try armour in front of the imminent sanctions of UEFA and FIFA and attain so the possible juridical conflicts resolved in Madrid and is not Switzerland. The Tuesday obtained a positive answer. The Monday desató the earthquake, arrived to all the corners with countless replies. The FIFA answered in the morning, the president of the UEFA atizó looming with sanctioning to clubs and players, in England capitalised the rejection to the Superliga, to all the levels: popular (banners in Anfield), and also political, with Boris Johnson in command.

Rejection insaciable

The clubs of LaLiga atizaron with communiqués in a day that broke record in official notes in the football. Until the prince Guillermo took part. Ander Herrera was of the first footballers in leaving clear his opposition to the model. The Leeds rushed forward in front of the world against the Liverpool, even the own James Milner, with the T-shirt network put, shot against the project.

It arrived to the official presentation of the Superliga, with the first public apparition of the most powerful member of the organisation in a media. It was Florentino Pérez in The Chiringuito, in the Spanish morning, only voice to build a solid speech of a project of world-wide scope. The message "go to save the football" nailed in the heart of all those that are not inside.

The message catastrofista of Florentino ran like the foam to first hour (the interview finish near of the one and average of the morning). If the project already had generated the first rejections in the field futbolístico, the statements of Florentino fungieron like petrol in the fire. The desertions then began to cook . The demonstrations to the outskirts of Stamford Bridge was the photo that evidenció that, at least in England, the Superliga did not have future in front of the conclusive rejection of the fans. The cries against the president of the white club did present, accompanied of the iconic message: "we Want our cold nights in Stoke".

Meanwhile, in the Madrid anybody headed to the players to explain them the posture of the club. Only they trascend it likes me to them of Marcelo, Modric, Lucas and Odriozola to the criticism of Beckham. In the Athletic of Madrid himself there was a meeting between Gil Marín, Cerezo and the staff. It communicated them that they would go in in the Superliga without a lot of more details. Laporta In the Barça, spoke with Koeman and the captains after hanging the Glass in the museum.

The last words of Florentino on the Superliga

"It does not concern me that somebody abandon the Superliga", ensures Florentino in L'Instrument, a headline that in reality took a pair of hours in denying, as it did not take in filtering that City and Chelsea went down of the ship. To the dessert was official that the 'Big Six' abandoned the project. The Italians also joined to the English and desisted of the Superliga, to the equal that the Athletic. Barça and Madrid remain in the ship. The musicians that touch the last tune of a ship that sinks like the Titanic.

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