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Video: This could be the played more aparatosa that has seen in England

Published:4/04/2021 - 10:41h

Updated:4/04/2021 - 10:41h

There is played glorious and historical and others that will be remembered by the terrible and aparatosas. A played like this vió this Friday in a party of the Championship British

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Along all the history of the football have seen a lot of played. Some are worthy to remember by his brilliance and for going back iconic by part of the players that executed them. Between played brilliant can mention many of the goals annotated by the forward of the Barcelona, Leo Messi, as well as many of the goals annotated by Maradona or Peeled in his golden age.

Even they exist examples that marked a milestone in the history of the deport king for those who made them. The best case can be the "Penalti to the Panenka", which consists in patear the balloon softly taking advantage of that the guardameta will launch to one of the extremes trying trap the shot.

Said played was made for the first time by the Czechoslovak player, Antonín Panenka (to the cual owes him the name) in the final of the Eurocopa of 1976 during the end of the extention against Federal Germany. However, as well as they exist played incredible and memorables, exist other terrible, absurd and incomprehensible. In fact, it would not be exaggerated to say that the one who are for seeing to continuation could appear in a top of this type.

The cause, is because it results quite difficult to imagine a played more aparatosa and rugged that the become this Friday during the party between the Barnsley and the Reading corresponding to the Championship English (lower league to the Premier). The played in question, occurred afterwards of a kickoff with the hands of the goalkeeper of the Barnsley, the mate of his team that received the spherical committed an error and finished leaving it to one of his rivals the one who tried to shoot to to the goal. However, this do not finish there.

Difficult to understand

The guardameta of the Barnsley no percató that behind his there was a player of the Reading and this arrived him by the back, apparently to try control the balloon that already had been shot to the goal of his rival by one of his mates. The ironic is that in the middle of all that complicate finished giving him the opportunity to repel the shot that already had been done.

Although of equal form could have it detained without a lot of problems, since this was not done with a lot of strength. To the moment to repel the balonazo, a third player of the Reading was to almost at all to annotate and attained to do a shot with an a lot greater power that the goalkeeper of the Barnsley could not trap, but the same went out him diverted.

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