Philippe Coutinho, during a match with the Bayern Munich


POLL: Would you give a new opportunity to Coutinho in the FC Barcelona?

Published:19/05/2020 - 13:36h

Updated:19/05/2020 - 13:36h

Philippe Coutinho finishes his loan to the Bayern on 30th June, although the bond could extend until the finish of the season. From here, would you bet for giving him a new chance?

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Remain to Coutinho or leave him leave, lo and behold the question. The Brazilian will finish the cession with the Bayern Munich this summer, was to finals of June or of August if there is prolongation of the same, and from then will return to the FC Barcelona to go out afterwards, with all probability, course to another big club in shape of cession or of traspaso, being able to go in in any of the a lot of barters that are appearing in the means.

But, and if it remained ? Would have really place in the staff? The delicate economic situation of the clubs by the pandemia of the coronavirus makes possible this stage, and more taking into account that Coutinho would not have to lidiar directly with the fans of the Camp Nou until 2021, at least, when it foresees that the terracings go back to fill of fans.

THE POLL Would you give a new opportunity to Philippe Coutinho in the Barça?

And for then, if Coutinho has remained in the Barça and has taken advantage of his performances, is possible that the reconciliation between barcelonismo and player, the most expensive of the history of the club, palpe in the environment. To his 27 years, Coutinho has still a lot of football that offer. If it remains , it could convert to short or half term in an important player further that the Barça have to pay some new 'bonus' to the Liverpool.

If it does the cases definitively, the most likely is that the FC Barcelona do not recover the tremenda investment that effected by him in January of 2018, when the market was in full inflationary peak and the notes flew of a club to another with an astounding ease. Now the rules of the game have changed, and the teams will take advantage of to the maximum the value of his yielded for like this not having to explode his monetary arks more than the account.

A decision with pros and contras, was cual was

What would do you? In 'FCBN' want to know it, and is thus that propose you that you answer this survey. You would give an opportunity to Coutinho, although it only was by a season? Or you would bet by his course again, was in quality of yielded or of traspaso? It could be a big active to facilitate the arrival of some aim like Lautaro Martínez or Neymar Jr, in shape of barter.

And if it remains in the staff, is possible that hinder the progression of any young promise like Ansu Fati or Francisco Trincao. It was as it was, it is clear that each decision will have his pros and his contras. And Coutinho, in spite of the one who weigh him and further of his irregularities, is one of the footballers with greater talent, touch and creative capacity of the world. Only it is necessary to know explode his potential.

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