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Dembélé is 'planted' and refuses to leave in January despite pressure from Barça

Published:20/01/2022 - 13:26h

Updated:20/01/2022 - 17:24h

Ousmane Dembélé has been firm despite Mateu Alemany's statements and Xavi Hernández's position to remove him from the cup call. Now, the Frenchman feels that he has the upper hand and will not tolerate threats from the institution

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The FC Barcelona has opened him the door to Ousmane Dembélé so that it find a new club in the 11 days that remain of the wintry market. However, it seems that separate to the player of the team will not be sufficient so that it accept to abandon the institution in January. According to the Catalan sportive press, the French already has warned that it will not tolerate threats of any type, since has a valid agreement until 30 June and plans to fulfil it.

From the surroundings of the attacker also manifest that, although the conversations have been complicated, they never have denied to negotiate in spite of not existing an approach of favourable postures for both parts. Nevertheless, the ultimatúm of Alemany has been concrete, and sees correct the form to act of Xavi Hernández when leaving it out of the announcement in front of the Athletic of Bilbao by Glass of Rey.

The situation has turned into a true 'field minado', and the representatives of the 'Mosquito' think that the Barcelona entity is not handling the situation of form 'clean' when sending him to the terracing. The public statements of the director of football of the institution would be sufficient to resolve his agreement earning what remains him of his wage until June, while it keep on being separated of the commitments. In spite of this, already Xavi has kept firm in his decision and only wants to have those sportsmen that are engaged with the elastic blaugrana.

The option to offer him the letter of freedom also is on the table, but with the refusal of the dorsal '7' to abandon Catalonia, does not seem that it exist some formality, by the moment, that can solve his postures. Also it exists the possibility that 'Dembouz' already have sealed a principle in accordance with another club to arrive to 'cost zero' to final of season, and from here would come his refusal to go out in this same window of traspasos.

Several 'girlfriends' in Europe

Although the posture of the French is firm by the moment, at all detains to that it change of opinion in the next hours. Several teams of the European elite have showed interested, being Chelsea and the Juventus the main contendientes. However, the only viable options would be a traspaso direct or that the Barça him of the letter of freedom to the player, although it would not have any repayment of those 135 millions that 'invested' in the in 2017. A cession seems the most complex way, but still remains wintry market, by what the time will dictate sentence.

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