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Five reasons so that Neymar do not leave the FC Barcelona

Published:20/07/2017 - 21:18h

Updated:20/07/2017 - 22:15h

There are spare reasons so that Neymar Jr opt for continuing in the FC Barcelona, giving slam to the increasing rumours that relate him with Paris Saint-Germain. The main is the possibility to play and learn at the side of the best, Leo Messi

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Long and tended is speaking in the newspapers of around the world on the future of Neymar Jr, whose links to Paris Saint-Germain is increasingly strong by part of some sectors of the press, but that from always has showed his will to triumph in the FC Barcelona playing at the side of the best player of the world, Leo Messi, to the one who idolises dede that played in the Saints. In fact, Neymar could choose no recalar in the Barça and do it in some another big club of Europe does years, being able to take the reins of a winning team from the first moment.

But it chose to disembark in a Barcelona that already had leader; a willing pattern to yield him the throne with the step of theyears . Now it says abroad that Neymar no longer would want to be more to the shadow of Leo Messi in the FC Barcelona, but the reality is that the Brazilian star has reasons more than sufficient not to abandon the Barça and follow triumphing at the side of varied of the best players. We review the main:

Because Messi is an ally, no competition

While some sustain that Neymar no longer wants to be more to the shadow of Messi, from "FCBN" remember that be under the influjo of the best player of the world is not hurtful, but all the contrary. The characteristics of the Argentinian, an able footballer to create played of goal out of nowhere he solito, cause that the numbers of Neymar Jr see increased so much in goals as in assistances. On the contrary that other players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi is not acaparador and whenever it can yield penaltis and played clear of goal to the Brazilian. Because the alliance and the mutual respect always will benefit to the Barça like team.

Because in the PSG neither will be the best of the world

If Neymar Jr thinks that taking the reins of a club like the PSG will have more options to be the best of the world, makes a mistake. Leo Messi will follow playing and marvelling in the FC Barcelona, and although the Parisian game would happen always by the boots of Neymar Jr, this would demand to the "11" assume responsibilities that does not have in the Barça, where is more freed in band and can give loose rein to his magic regateadora whenever it wants to. While Messi follow playing and do not go down the level, Neymar will be underneath. Are where was.

Because the style of the Barça does him still better

The FC Barcelona has a style of clear-cut game from does years, mildly distorted the three last three seasons under the control of Luis Enrique -that entered characteristics like the contragolpe-, but recognizable in all the fields. In the PSG, a team with less tradition futbolística, Neymar Jr  could find with a context in which it can not have of the balloon so much time in his boots. The Parisians are more accustomed to play to the counterattack, without need to dominate all the meetings to base of possession and played of danger.

Because it prefers titles before that money

Paris Saint-Germain can pay the clause of 222 million euros and plant to Neymar like the better player paid in Europe. However, to Neymar Jr already him leftover the money and him sobrará during all his life, by what is time to that the Brazilian star take advantage of the best years of his sportive career to remain in the team that more titles has won in the last decade, the FC Barcelona, and plough like this a legend in the history of the football. If it wishes to compete with myths as I Peeled or the own Messi, will need to win titles in a competitive league.

Because it never will equalise the synergy of the "MSN"

Before we spoke of the style of game of the FC Barcelona, but in the Barcelona team has formed from does three seasons a synergy hardly superable: the one who create Leo Messi, Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez in the flank of attack, possibly the best of all time, and that has exceeded with grow the 100 goals in each one of the seasons in which the Three Tenors have coincided. They understand and they complement , with some virtues that Neymar Jr will not find in other mates if it leaves to the PSG. Cavani Is not Luis Suárez... And Messi only there is one.

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