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'Cacho' Heredia confronts to those who call "cold breast" to Messi

Published:18/05/2020 - 22:56h

Updated:18/05/2020 - 22:56h

'Cacho' Heredia, legendary Argentinian defender that did career in the Atlético, has not doubted in defend Leo Messi in front of those who call him "cold breast" in Argentina

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International Argentinian in 20 occasions and one of the mythical defenders in the history of the Athletic of Madrid, 'Cacho' Heredia has conceded an interview to 'Irradiate Mark' in which it has gone back to defend to layer and sword to Leo Messi, of the one who says that it is not a "cold breast", as they call him some in Argentina, and that without him the albiceleste practically would have disappeared of the map in these last years.

"Messi is not a cold breast, as they say. It is more, if he had not been in the Argentinian selection would not know us anybody", stands out Heredia. "If it is not by him, the Selection does not play to at all", adds. He knows very well, to the equal that Leo Messi, what is to lose important finals. Leo Messi has lost two of Glass consecutive America and a World-wide in the last decade, whereas Heredia was to a minute, in 1974, to conquer the first Champions League in the history of the Athletic of Madrid. The Bayern Munich prevented it of tragic form.

Heredia, in any case, is from always a firm defender of the game of Leo Messi with the selection of Argentina, and think that 'The Flea' always gives all what has so that the albiceleste arrive as far as possible. Regarding the eternal comparison between Messi and Diego Armando Maradona, Heredia does not think that have to use to despise to the player of the FC Barcelona. "Diego and Leo are distinct", sustains. "Maradona Handled the team to his antojo. Now Messi yes has what needs", adds, esperanzado.

In 2016, 'Cacho' Heredia claimed that "Messi loves to the selection", combating like this the criticisms of those who doubted it, and in 2018 signalled that "Messi does what the football needs" when Argentina fell deleted by France in the World-wide of Russia.

It will win a title Messi with Argentina?

Has the hope, in this sense, that the Argentinian of Leo Messi still can conquer an important title, the World-wide of Qatar 2022. Leo Messi will have then 35 years, and that could be his last big international appointment with the albiceleste before the withdrawal of the selection.

It was as it was, it win some title or no, can not doubt the commitment of Leo Messi with a combined national of the that is the maximum goleador historical, and that if it did not go by him would have fallen at first in good part of the last tournaments. Thanks to his contribution, has achieved to keep the expectations until the decisive parties... Although it have not had luck in the finals.

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