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Descartan To Leo Messi of a record that also could beat

Published:10/04/2018 - 12:30h

Updated:10/04/2018 - 13:46h

It seemed a too small youngster to play to football and has turned into one of the best players of the history. The records remain in at all after the step of Leo Messi, and there is one for which have him descartado that it would not be so descabellado

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Since Leo Messi began his career, the world of the football has changed. The small player that caused feeling in the Masia has turned into legend of the FC Barcelona, to the that has led in the most glorious stage of his history, converting in passing in one of the best footballers of the history, cost the redundacia.

Registers that seemed inalcanzables have finish falling after the step of the rosarino, that has the head put in the collective titles but arrasa also in the individual. It is difficult to dare to say that the '10' will not achieve something if it marks one put, although some means have done it and would not be descabellado... That it carried them the contrary.

The record of faults of Juninho, near at hand of Leo Messi?

It treats , neither more neither less, that of a speciality that the Barcelona has developed in the last years, the launching of free shotsFor the time being there is not any opponent that achieve to do him shadow, although in the past himself there were them and carry him an important income. It will be east a definite obstacle?

In the list of maxima realizadores of direct faults are stars so stood out like the mentor that taught him to perfect his style, Diego Armando Maradona; two Barcelona experts like Ronald Koeman or Ronaldinho; magicians like David Beckham and Peeled; and the absolute king in this facet, Juninho Pernambucano.

The Brazilian midfield player put end to his career with 77 goals of free direct, and for the moment Messi carries 40 (34 with the Barça and 6 with the selection of Argentina). The one of Rosario no only is far of his mark, but even it has a lot of distance of by half with the TOP10, that takes him out, at present, 19 so many.

That's why many have given by cleared the subject with Leo, that, this yes, always will be considered a big thrower. In spite of everything, if somebody can achieve beat the record is he, and would not be so descabellado think that it is to his scope. In what it goes of campaign carries 7 targets from the distance, and needs 37 to equalise to the of Recife.

If the crack of the FC Barcelona keeps in active a minimum of 5 seasons, would suffice him the average of this course to plant in 75, to only two of the absolute leader. It is clear that the goals do not give them and this speciality is so complicated by something, but still is prompt for descartarle of the career. And more when all have seen already of what is able Leo Messi.

The best scorers of fault of the history

  • 1. 77 goals: Juninho Pernambucano
  • 2. 70 goals: I Peeled
  • 3. 66 goals: Víctor Legrotaglie
  • 4. 66 goals: Ronaldinho Gaúcho
  • 5. 65 goals: David Beckham
  • 6. 62 goals: Diego Armando Maradona
  • 7. 62 goals: Zico
  • 8. 60 goals: Ronald Koeman
  • 9. 59 goals: Rogério Ceni
  • 10. 59 goals: Marcelinho Carioca
  • 11. 57 goals: Kostas Frantzeskos
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