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The funny anecdote of Messi and Zabaleta when they were young

Published:6/05/2020 - 20:34h

Updated:6/05/2020 - 20:34h

Pablo Zabaleta, a former City or Espanyol player and former partner of Leo Messi in Argentina, spoke about his relationship with Rosario in an interview. The former winger explained some anecdote from when they were both younger

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The life wanted to that Pablo Zabaleta and Leo Messi went during three inseparable years in Barcelona. The side arrived to the RCD Espanyol in the 2005 and recently arrived of Argentina did pineapple with the Barcelona, that with 18 years was beginning to stand out in the Barça. In an interview to the newspaper 'The Nation', the now player of the West Ham has spoken on this period in the City Condal and on his relation with the 'crack' barcelonista then.

"We were together always. I lived only, then happened long in his house, with his family. I were 20 years old and Read 18", began saying. The carrilero even dared to explain what occurred whenever it arrived home of the '10' to go out at night. "When we went out of it fuck somewhere it was necessary to have care because he already began to be more known. Jorge (the father of Messi) looked me as saying 'cuidámelo'", explained.

Besides, the ex of Saint Lorenzo of Almagro explained that when they went out always was he the one who drove at night. In the meantime, the star of the Barça remained slept in the seat of copiloto. Zabaleta remembers these moments and recognises that it hallucinates thinking in who was the youngster that slept to his side. "We went in to the car, Leo slept , I handled, and went thinking that at the side it carried to a pibe that cost 80 green sticks... sabés What was for me?", it commented.

Changing entirely of subject, the ex espanyolista admitted that his idea to play in the Series To the season that comes has remained almost descartada by fault of the coronavirus. It had projected, to the term of this season, give me the taste to play a year more in another league, perhaps in Italy, but now do not know at all... The most likely is that it do not go back to play with public in long, then which motivation could remain me? For what go to Italy if mythical stadiums like the Olympic of Rome or Saint Siro will be closed?", it signalled.

The side was further and even aimed that the situation that has generated by the COVID-19 could cause that it advance a year his idea to put an end him to his career. "Now, expect how it finishes this season, and afterwards, in the summer, depending on how reorganise all, will see what do. But the retreat is a possibility. Yes, maybe the coronavirus carry me to anticipate the decision", affirmed.

Zabaleta atizó to Adebayor and Robinho

Finally, Zabaleta did a reflection on his stage in the Manchester City and the complicated that it was to give with committed players with the project to do big to the 'cityzens'. "In my second year in the City bought to Adebayor, that came of the Arsenal. Hinder to the changing room and fell you with 10 chains of gold. Kompany Or I, that went with the botinerito, were almost a decade in the club; Adebayor lasted a year and half. The commitment of Adebayor perhaps was not. Robinho arrived like a star, but his commitment to change the history of the club, neither was", said.

In this sense, the Argentinian stood out that it had to coexist with a lot of stars that fracasaron until giving with the team that carried to the City to the highest. "To position to the club, one of the ways was to bring figures, and for this it was necessary to put a cake of guita. Todos Those that came won a fortune and were few those that really wanted to involve in changing the history of the City. It touched me coexist with a lot of figures and the egos existed", recognised.

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