This is the false bill that attributed him to Leo Messi and family

The one of the Barça denies it

Leo Messi denied a false his bill in Ibiza

Published:19/06/2017 - 18:05h

Updated:19/06/2017 - 18:20h

As it has confirmed the own player, the bill that several means wanted to attribute him to Leo Messi, family and friends in Ibiza is totally false. It treats of a list with luxuries of, between other things, 37.000 euros and 41 bottles of Dom Perignon

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It is what has the new digital journalism in which by the "click" of the users some put until in entredicho his own reputation. As a lot of journalists and means seems that they have not adapted of the best of the ways and, forgetting one of the basic journalistic lessons that bases in contrasting with several sources your information, finish marking goals in own door as it has occurred now with the figure of Leo Messi.

And it is that from the past weekend ran by the social networks a costly bill of a restaurant where would have dined the forward of the FC Barcelona beside his family and the one of his friends Luis Suárez and Cesc Fàbregas. We speak of some 37 one thousand euros that would have spent in food ostentosa like caviar or bogavante, and drunk no less discreet like important bottles of champagne French, like the Dom Perignon.

All this, affirmed and the means finish believing and doing news in this regard, would have consumed it Lio and company. Something that is totally false, as it has confirmed the own forward through his profile in Instagram.

Leo Messi answers and denies the account

"Jajajajajajaja Which way to speak to the fart. How they invent, the most beautiful is that the people believes it to him", went the way by means of which the Barcelona star answered inside the own publication that collected "Central Judge".

After these words of the forward, the own half had to apologise through a communiqué. "COMMUNIQUÉ: we apologise to all our followers and to Leo Messi", wrote and attached the following image like apologies:

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