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Leo Messi, rotundo: it Wants to win another final and assumes the faults by the Champions

Published:24/05/2019 - 18:05h

Updated:24/05/2019 - 18:05h

Leo Messi has returned to a press conference in the previous of the final of the Glass of Rey, and has not walked with detours. The Argentinian has recalcado that wishes to win another final with the FC Barcelona, and has assumed the faults by a very hard elimination in the Champions

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There were many win to see to Leo Messi in his first press conference with the FC Barcelona in four years, and the Argentinian did not disappoint. The captain assumed responsibilities and was very clear in front of the media, defending to the staff after a big season marked by a borrón painful in Europe. To the doors of another final, the one of Rosario has clear the remedy: it Touches to go back to win.

This was consigns it that the '10' wanted to recalcar from the first moment, and is that in spite of that this competition usually has by a lower title, the changing room does not consider it like this and wants to that it go back to lucir in the vitrinas of the Camp Nou: "The truth that calm, as always, preparing the final as with each party, with the importance that has for being a final. It was a Glass where had big parties and clashes and it is necessary to give the importance that has".

"It was a very hard hit the one who receive in the Champions and to the changing room cost him raise, saw in the following party that touched us play. It was very hard, the truth. Yes, it was hard. And at all, this is a final, is a title, have the possibility to do a doublet, finish well inside what fits the year and it is necessary to win as all the finals that play", explained, without hiding neither in the questions on the European disaster.

After some very hot weeks go in reproach, analysis and an evident unrest, the rosarino gave the face by the trainer, a very damaged figure to which removed responsibilities: "If I am you sincere, the truth is that I did not see a lot, listened, said me of the criticisms on the míster, but sincerely think that the míster did an impressive work all this time that was, think that in the elimination with the Liverpool did not have fault practically of at all".

"We are the only guilty, knew that it could not us happen the same and happened us. It was regrettable the image that gave. It can happen a year, but already two years... Can be in a final of Champions and not to do it is impermitible. And obviously that the míster will have part of fault as we have it all the changing room, but those who more are we", warned, and insisted in that it would not like him that the earthquake finish with a change in the bench.

"The Champions was a hard hit, but have to park the disillusionment and can win a doublet"

"It would like me that Valverde was the trainer next year, yes, the truth is that yes. The past year remained marking by the elimination that was, but obviously by east leaves a much bigger stain. In two years lost two parties, that marked us a lot, more than the defeat by how was the defeat, but the rest was well", valued, highlighting that in spite of the two thumps the important is to observe the performance with a wider point of view.

Questioned on the party in Anfield, Messi made a brief analysis, and signalled the greater error of the Barça: "The truth is that I did not put me to review the party, but with what lived in this moment, know that it was very similar to the of Rome. We go in and quickly they do us a goal, begins to work the head, that can not happen the of Rome again, react well, because the first time was not bad of the all, but in the second do not compete. Only there was a team inside the field, that was the greater error. The worst and that can not forgive is that we do not compete. We leave us go through up".

The attacker admitted that whatever happens in the final of Benito Villamarín, the campaign will finish with an odd flavour, but insisted in several occasions in that the only possible reaction is to obtain a new victory. Also they asked him directly by his promise that it wanted to conquer the Champions, and no arrepiente of at all: "No me arrepiento to having said the sentence. I did not promise to bring it, but have not competed by her, therefore we ask pardon, no for bringing it".

"We are conscious that this is a final, is a title more and obviously not winning this final would be a lot of worse of what are now. It is necessary to finish well and leave at the side what live, and try anyway park the disillusionment. It is a final and have to have the head here, live it, play it like what is and not thinking in at all more. It is a very complicated rival, know us a lot and do not win any of the two this year. If we do not go out with the attitude that owe, Valencia can do you a lot of damage", concluded the captain, that along his intervention also reflexionó on some subjects of personal character.

Messi does not want to speak of signings and confirms that it does not pose leave

In the questions on personal subjects, Messi was much more escueto, but even so it left several headlines. The Argentinian cleared that in spite of the annoyances in the pubis that drags from the month of January, considers that it is to 100%, and warned that the Boot of Gold is not an aim that have gone through his head, since the Champions and the Glass are two much more important subjects.

"Carry the bracelet... It was a spectacular year for me, where was where win the Supercopa, LaLiga, final of Glass, raise the three titulos... I think that we did a big year taking out the party in Anfield, that spoilt all the big year that had done. I follow having win to be here, further of the disappointment. Also I had them with the Argentinian selection and follow it trying. The fact that have had disappointments does not change at all", commented when it was questioned on his withdrawal.

Finally, descartó speak of signings before starting the market, and did not want to 'wet' on Antoine Griezmann or the possible reform of the staff. "We are sad, but am not the one who has to say if it is necessary to do changes. This corresponds him to another", answered, and hardly entertained when they mentioned him to the French, an intervention that parked without giving time to replies.

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