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Some limpiaparabrisas write to Messi by his wedding

Published:30/06/2017 - 22:47h

Updated:30/06/2017 - 22:54h

A group of limpiacristales that work near of where will marry Messi have him eviado a letter to the footballer. The wedding of Leo Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo is surrounded of important measures of security and they will not be able to work (ergo, neither eat)

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The wedding of Leo Messi and Antonella Rocuzzo goes to be one of the most important events of the year in Argentina. So much that the country goes to paralyse. Because the means go to do a special follow-up, because there will be a device of security with more than 3.000 agents... And because it marries the best player of the history. 

And clear, all this stir mediático also affects to the hard-working class, to the people that suffers to be able to eat day in day out. Some limpiaparabrisas of the zone where will marry the Argentinian couple have published a letter in Facebook in which they ask a bit of clemency because the police prevents them work here these days, and ensure that it treats of his "only source of income".

A human drama that it can be, definitely, the another expensive of the wedding of Messi and Antonella, that possibly compensate them because the letter has done viral by his sense contained -although it can sound a so much surrealist sometime-. To continuation transcribe it whole. It is worthwhile.

The letter of the limpiaparabrisas

"Before that at all, want to congratulate you to vos and to Antonela by the celebrations of his wedding. The family is the most important that has a human being, and in these times complicated, the affections are the foundations of all the other. If already of by himself a wedding is reason of joy, that was yours the one who celebrates this Friday is a double joy: vos sos one of the children of Argentina more important of all time, a jugadorazo inside and out of the field, that delivers us happiness without asking at all in return.

The fact that you have gone back to our city to the side of the Paraná to marry you, far of the place where live, speech a lot of vos, of your greatness and humility. Also we think that it is not a lower data that so many yours friends have movilizado from distinct parts of the planet until these south payments: this speaks of what want you those who share the day in day out with vos, of cuan big is the affection and the tenderness that contagiás.

"And it is by this that said you on the family and the affections that take us the atrevimiento to write you. We are more than 30 limpiavidrios that carry the bread to the house with our work. That it is little, that does not reach, but that it is worthy. By your personal history vos sabés what is to encourage when all is adverse. We know that you go us to understand if we say you that it cost us and costs us a pile, that go to comprise if we say you last it that it is to review the qualifiers and strike the doors of factories and trades without receiving answer.

That's why we find in this job an exit to the so hard situation by which happen thousands of Argentinians. No sabés what fucked is our laburo. When it does cold, and tenés that put the sponge in the freezing water, the fingers send to sleep you . When it does heat, the visors and rowers do not avoid that the sun hammer you in the skin and the paving looms with melting you the canvas of the zapatillas.

Some from the cars abuse you and command you to laburar and vos you them quedás looking as saying: and what you pensás that I am doing? It is true, any of ours zarpa from time to time, yes, but therefore, so that the more youngsters comprise the important that is the work, and the need that have all to fulfil a role in the society, is that of to little go us conforming like cooperatives, and learning to be a team. Laburamos The seven days of the week, in three rotary turns. And if no laburamos, if we are not eight hours in the semaphore cleaning the glasses of the cars, do not eat.

"Lionel, brother, write you because we do not believe in the casualidades. That you marry you in the corner in which we laburamos every day, is for us reason of pride. But also of worry. During all these days, we, that have our stop in Batle and Ordoñez and Boulevard Oroño, do not go to be able to work because of the operative of security. And if we do not work, our family does not have how stop the pot. That's why we ask you that intercedas by us so that we can carry advance ours task with normality. We are simple laburantes, and laburar is the only that want.

"Also, we do not go you to mentir, this is also for us an opportunity. Opportunity of visibilizar our work. To be able to amplify our catchwords for being recognised like laburantes, to be able to have uniform, social work, contributions jubilatorios. That's why we head to vos. Of your humility and your greatness, already said it, there are samples of leftovers. The fact that you have taken you the time to read these lines already would be for us an immense joy.

Imaginate, go him to say to our grandchildren that Messi, during the days in that it celebrated his wedding in the corner of our place of work, read an ours letter. We are some humble laburantes, and do not have more than offering you our admiration and gratitude by all what already have given us. And some thank you giant by all what will come.

"Greetings for vos, your lady, your children and your parents, Limpiavidrios Joined of Rosario - CTEP".

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