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The sensitive letter of a youngster that wants to know to Messi

Published:6/03/2016 - 21:05h

Updated:6/03/2016 - 21:08h

"Bugle" has published a moving text of an Argentinian youngster that has the illusion to be able to know in person to Leo Messi. The Argentinian newspaper has done echo of the writing of the fan in question, very moving and in which it defends the performances of "Wrap" with Argentina

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The journalist Osvaldo Pepe has published in the daily "Bugle" the moving letter of a young Argentinian fan desirous to know in person to Leo Messi, his big idol. The "unconditional" fan of "The Flea" defends him, in the quoted writing, of the criticisms that has received along the last times by his performances with the selection of Argentina, since a lot of means and part of the bloated albiceleste increparon to the "10" that had not been more entonado in the finals of the World-wide of Brazil 2014 and of the Glass America 2015. Anyway, to continuation reproduce the extensive letter of Bruno Paisio, the enamoured "fan" of the game of Leo Messi:

"Have the dream to know personally to Lionel Messi and anybody helps me to fulfil it. Something is safe: anybody is able to put in my place. What know of the times that shut me in my room and cried to the enterarme that some time put in doubt the continuity of Lio in the Selection, for example? Or when they blamed it by not to top in the World-wide neither in the Glass America? Or acaso the war wins it an only soldered? In this moment, does not matter me have what a youngster of my age generally longs for. A car, money to go out the Saturday with friends, the love of a girl".

"The truth is that to me reaches me with expecting the weekends to see it play to Wrap: this does me the happiest person of this planet. Therefore I suffered as its own that injury that moved it away a time of the fields and gladdened me so much his fifth Balloon of Gold. And this present by which crosses. I have listened that to the dreams has to them to him pursue, but sometimes doubt. Of so much think in that it can know it, do not attain to contribute a granite of sand to carry out this so big illusion to be face to face with him. By all this, by what he inspires me is that I decided me to write these words. It could speak of a lot of things more, but there is something that concerns me like human being and are the people. Sometimes I seat me surrounded of people conformista".

"It seems to be that the people forgot to dream, reaches them with making ends meet and have his montoncito of money to buy his "cositas"… Why will be that have this bad habit to put us limits and conform us with little? What would be of this world if the people dared to dream in giant? Imagine if the other had the power of superación that had Wrap of boy, that his fault of growth did not prevent him turn into the best… Many times put us excuses, but he did not have them neither looked for them never. Simply, it decided to be the one who is!"

I carry in my skin what does me be the more happy and dreamy person of the world. It is a tattoo with the image of the biggest footballer of the history. So that they record it to me in my skin insumí five hours run, the pain was the of less: it put me happy the fact that it would carry marked in my body to the one who want so much in my life. Also I want to say them that am shipped in a project solidario devoted to Lio, since it was the person that inspired me to make it. My project carries as it appoint "Art solidaria" and has like aim no only the fact to carry a drawing to the people, but also share moments, listen his histories and, by especially, motivate them to that they struggle by his dreams. At all of this had been possible if it did not go by Lio, since he was the one who motivated me to carry out the idea to procure change the world with small and at the same time big actions".

"I need that somebody say me which is the price so that this dream go back reality. I am had to what was, everything for fulfilling this that so much longing in my life. I want to form part of those people that had the opportunity and privilege to have it expensive to face and appreciate him all what did by me, without not even know it. From already, a lot of thanks to Bugle and to all for taking the time to read my words. Ojalá Arrive him to Wrap. I appreciate it of all heart!".

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