Vandalism in favour of messi in madeira with the statue of Christian

They paint the statue of Christian with the name of Messi

They paint the statue of Christian with the name of Messi

Published:13/01/2016 - 13:47h


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Controversy in Madeira. The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo was assaulted by some strangers in the last hours, being painted with the name and dorsal of Leo Messi shortly after that the Argentinian star of the Barça did with the fifth Balloon of Gold of his career

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The big star of the Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, has to be throwing smoke by the ears. In the last hours, has discovered that some thugs have decided to paint the memorial statue of the Portuguese player, in Madeira (Portugal), with the name and dorsal of Leo Messi, vejando the construction and causing the ire of the family of the footballer luso of the Real Madrid.

And it is that the fifth Balloon of Gold of Leo Messi conquered this past Monday seems that it has maddened to some that another descontrolado follower of the Argentinian, able of vejar the statue of "CR7" at night with red painting and without that the devices of surveillance of Madeira percataran until happened some hours of the "outrage", as it called it the daily "ACE".

Although it is normal that the new generations of fans to the good football migrate of the edict of Cristiano Ronaldo to the of Leo Messi, the reality is that toctos vandalic like the one of this type are not for nothing justifiable. The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, Katia Aveiro, commented the following in the social networks when it was notified of the sucedido:

"This is work of some frustrated wild that would deserve to live in Syria in the middle of people that do not respect and do not know to live in society". The statements of the sister of Cristiano, in any case, can that they are considered like unlucky also by the free reference to Syria, a country sumido in the chaos from does already several months.

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