Why Neymar did not include to Messi and Christian between the cracks of the World-wide?


Why Neymar did not include to Messi and Christian between the cracks of the World-wide?

Published:20/04/2018 - 14:00h

Updated:20/04/2018 - 14:00h

Neymar Had it clear when they asked him on the players that more would stand out in the next World-wide of Russia that will celebrate from June. It stood out to Philippe Coutinho, Brazilian compatriot, and to Luis Suárez, ex mate in the Barça

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The World-wide of Russia every time is more near. It will initiate around the middle of the next month of June and promise to be exciting, with many select candidates to the title. One of them, as it comes being usual along all the history, will be the one of Brazil, that will have several players of renown to treat to look for the championship.

Neymar Is allocated to be the big leader of the combined Brazilian, since it is the footballer of more talent of the country and one of the best forwards of the world. The attacker of Paris Saint-Germain finds doing rehabilitation of the injury that suffered does some weeks to be to tope of face to the appointment mundialista.

Why Neymar did not include to Messi and to Christian between the best of the World-wide?

In the last interview conceded by Neymar, generated controversy in the media and the social networks since the Brazilian did not include to Leo Messi and to Cristiano Ronaldo between the cracks of the World-wide. However, it was because the question that did him excluded them. "Saving to Leo Messi, to Cristiano Ronaldo and to you same, what cracks think that will shine in Russia?", they questioned him.

In this case, appointed to varied of his compatriots, including to the Barcelona Coutinho: "there are a lot of good players that will take part, to end of accounts is a World-wide. They will be the best of the world. I think that Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus (his mates in the 'seleçao') are players that will mark the difference. I expect that they mark it."

Besides, also it agreed of his ex Barcelona mate Luis Suárez, happening before by Mohamed Salah: "Salah is not in a selection with tradition (alluding to Egypt), but can do a good World-wide. And there are others as Of Bruyne or Hazard that have a big quality. And also Luis Suárez".

Brazil, the strongest "selection"

Neymar Also considered to Brazil like the strongest selection, converting it to one of the clear favourites in the appointment veraniega. "I am happy to form part of the strongest selection. Have the tools to win the title and show our power. I expect that these last players do a good paper, but no against us...", it sentenced.

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