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Piqué confesses: Review his routine, the situation of Barça, the role of Valverde...

Published:21/11/2019 - 15:04h

Updated:21/11/2019 - 15:21h

In the interview that Mundo Deportivo did to Piqué, the FC Barcelona center talked about several important issues. The '3' reviewed the current situation of Barça, which is not so bad according to him, or talked about his work routine

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In addition to of his future or of his business vision, Gerard Hammered​ also spoke of other subjects in his interview for Sportive World. The defender of the Barça referred , for example, to the situation of his team, that does not go through his best moment in this start of course. The Catalan, although it is autocrítico, does not think that the FC Barcelona was so bad as it says in the press or comment some fans.

"I think that there are quite a lot of players that carry a lot of years and know that in the Barça no alone voucher win but it also is necessary to play well. Obviously, we try it from principle of season, but there are times that costs more than others. It is necessary to assimilate distinct movements, distinct tactical trainings, depending on the players sometimes of another. They come players with distinct roles in other teams and in the Barça his role changes. We know that we have to play better, is something that knows all the world inside the changing room, but if we go first, neither will be playing so bad like the people thinks, especially the means", signalled.

"If we go first, neither will be playing so bad like the people thinks"

The '3', in spite of his words, is demanding with his and thinks that the victories will do that the lame team confidence and feelings of face to what comes. "Our requirement always is maximum and are trying to improve in what it is the game. I think that the best help so that the game improve is to win because the victories give you confidence. The first victory after two defeats, in front of the Celtic, has helped us and now expect to repeat in front of the Leganés to follow up in the classification", commented.

It does some days went out a headline of another interview that gave the defender in which it said that it slept only 4-5 daily hours by his new work like employer. I hammered it commissioned to deny this and explain that in the days of party does not occur this. "I what said is that some day sleep 4 or 5 hours, but that in general lines, and especially the days of party, sleep 10 hours at night and two hours of siesta. If that it is truth that there are some days that sleep less, but no only for organising this, but because it likes me the NBA and the parties are late, and am convinced that there are more people", aimed.

"The days of party sleep 10 hours at night and two hours of siesta"

The Barcelonan, in passing, explained his routine of work and left clear that he has what is what better goes him to keep fit . "Sometimes we carry the world of the football with a rigour and a discipline that is important, but that sometimes this does not give you the results. There is a cumulus of things that are those that give you the performance. The sleep, the feeding, is very important, but there are other things like training well, be mentalizado before the parties… there are a lot of things and at the end try to fulfil them all. If I carry 12 years in the Barça and 16 since I debuted, is not by chance but because have some routines that try to fulfil and that have worked me", admitted.

It does not notice the difference between Valverde and the rest of technicians

Also it analysed if with Ernesto Valverde lives calmer that with other trainers. I hammered it was clear and recognised that with all the technicians lives the same by the requirement and the philosophy of the Barça. "This that it lives better with Valverde... I have lived with all the equal trainers, in the sense that all want to work to try win. Before that Valverde was Luis Enrique and do not notice the difference. The people has his own imagination and also what reads in press and such. We the players try to do our work and try win. Although they go happening the trainers, the philosophy of the Barça is so only and distinct that all those that come pose the same trainings, dynamic and exercises, each one with his nuances, but carry training the same since I arrived to the club. Have the ball, exercises with the balloon, a lot of parties, a lot of possession, so think that with Valverde lives better... It lives the same that with all the others", said.

"This that it lives better with Valverde... I have lived with all the equal trainers"

To finalise, the central left the open door to the turn of Neymar to the Barça, the same that to work with Roger Federer if the Swiss decided . "I do not know it, the truth, is a question that are two totally distinct things that depend on a lot of things, but at the end, at all is impossible in the world of the sport, things that seems that they never go to happen, happen. What would do simply would be to expect, observe and see if suceden or no", concluded.

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