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Piqué will retire at the Camp Nou: "My last team will be Barça"

Published:21/11/2019 - 13:20h

Updated:21/11/2019 - 15:21h

Gerard Piqué spoke with Mundo Deportivo in an extensive interview and confessed about several things. The central spoke about his departure from Barça, his dreams or his business vision, beyond the world of football

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Gerard Hammered spoke in an extensive interview with Sportive World and confessed on several subjects stood out. The central of the FC Barcelona is used to to wet whenever speech and this time has not been less. The '3' has left clear that will withdraw in the team of his life, the Barça, since it does not feel need to play in another place.

"I have said it always, my last team will be the Barça. I do not have absolutely any intention to dress any another T-shirt because if I am playing to the football is basically because I have been culé all my life. For me, be in the Barça is the biggest dream of all, by a lot that the create the Glass Davis also was it, my only dream of small was to dress the T-shirt of the Barça. Until it seats me with strengths and win, go to dress the T-shirt of the Barça and when it do not see me, will leave the football", explained.

"Be in the Barça is the biggest dream of all. Until it seats me with strengths and win, will dress this T-shirt"

The defender also cleared when could be this date in which it will put an end to his career. His agreement finishes in 2022 and Hammered signals that, although no descarta leave before, his idea is to play, at least, until then. "The agreements are to fulfil them, my intention is to arrive until the 2022, but do not have a ball of glass and do not know if I go it to be able to do. If I see that I lose importance or see that I am not to the level do not have any problem in going me before. I think that it does not go to suceder because I know me and see me able to hold until the 2022, but never knows ", aimed.

On the fact of if his businesses subtract him motivation to follow with his career futbolística, the defender left clear that sucede all the contrary. "If you want that it say you the truth, what more do this type of things, more motivation have in the terrain of game. I suppose that it is because I see me since I am doing other things and do not want to me see was, but I want to enjoy in the terrain of game long. I think that they are things that go retroalimentando and that goes me well", commented.

"In the moment in which it see that I can not, will raise the hand, will withdraw me and will devote me to other things"

Besides, the ex international Spanish went back to signal that these businesses do not affect him physically neither mentally because it knows and knows to paginate it well. "I think that I surrender better doing other things, that not doing absolutely at all. I create for real that they are compatible. I know me very well, I know very well my body, what fills me or no, and are to paginate it well. In the moment in which it see that I can not, do not have the motivation or the level no longer gives me, that also can happen, will raise the hand, will withdraw me and will devote me to other things, but expect that it was inside several years", affirmed.

It does not feel special by his business vision

Finally, I Hammered it referred to the fact of if it is a different or special sportsman by his business vision. For him, what does is not at all extraordinary, but a form more than happening his time. "No, I do not see me at all advanced for nothing. Simply I see me a player with other interests. There are players that have restaurants or other businesses, others play to the Play, are with the mobile, others devote his time to be with his families… each one devotes his time to what thinks that fills him more. The have other initiatives do not think that was bad, the other way around, is well because you believe value and new things and I loved to work so that all these things do reality. We know that our careers are short, limited and when it finish would like me can do other things and that no all finish with Gerard player, that there was more than alone football", finalised.

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