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Suárez: "it Surprises that an Uruguayan, Argentinian and Brazilian carry so well"

Published:10/05/2016 - 22:54h

Updated:10/05/2016 - 22:54h

The forward of the FC Barcelona Luis Suárez conceded an extensive interview where spoke of the actuality in the FC Barcelona, his relation with Messi and Neymar and all what struggled to arrive here. Now it is of the all happy

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In an interview conceded to the half "The Chart", and where Luis Suárez revealed his eternal love by the FC Barcelona, the attacker also had time for departir on the current situation of the team, his relation with Messi and Neymar or how has adapted to the game culé. Also it spoke of the fight by the "Pichichi" and a possible pact between the "MSN" as well as the hard sanction of the FIFA after the bite to Chiellini.

The trident of the Barça works by compañerismo:
"All gives in base to the team. Afterwards, it is true, are the only picture in the world that has three players up that they carry so well, in the sense that it does not matter who put the goals or do the assistances. And if one of the three did not convert, the others look for that that put it. It is the beautiful that has the football, that want to help to the mate. And no only between us three, but with all the team".

"It surprises that an Uruguayan, an Argentinian and a Brazilian carry so well, no? But we are conscious that if we get along, all get along. Afterwards, always some prank there is. And when we confront us in Eliminatory, if I have to go down it to Ney, will do it, as Masche me trabará strong to me, each one defends his T-shirt".

His mistake and the excessive punishment of the FIFA:
"Always I said it: the football is a roulette, has a lot of turns. Mirá Against who won the final of the Champions past. How I finished the history putting the goal… Against Evra and Chiellini. Speaking seriously, I understood that it existed a sanction by what had done. It accepted it. But it treated me of form totally inmerecida, worse that to a bar brava. They forbade me go to a field of football, this is what more hurts you. I know that I made a mistake, but that do not leave you present you to train, or was, to work, is too much."

On a possible pact with "Ney" and Read by the "Pichichi":
"We have not spoken it of full, because they still remain a lot of dates. Besides he also has possibilities. We want to win the competitions that remain, is the paramount. Afterwards, if there is individual prize, welcome was. And what more matters of everything is that the relation that carry is totally healthy, there is zero, zero envy. Here we know that Leo is the best and to the best it tenés that do feel well. If Leo enjoys, enjoy all. Ney Is in a moment spectacular also".

His arrival to Barcelona before that to the Barça:
"When to the two months to go , Sofia said me that like this it did not hold, did everything to travel. I spoke with Daniel Fonseca, that then was my representative, and asked him please that it took me out the passage. Afterwards, my big brother gave me 70 dollars, that changed by 50 euros, and with this in the pocket, started".

"The only that put me in the head in this moment was to arrive to Europe to be able to see again to Sofia. Until it crossed me by the head go to work of anything to be with her. Of servant, of what went, even leaving the football".

His future in the FC Barcelona:
"The Barça my last European scale? In the football never knows what can happen. I know that I arrived to the best team of the world, in which it dreamed to play of youngster, with which dreamed to win titles, and are me fulfilling all those put, so to enjoy without thinking so much in the future…".

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