Thiago Motta, during a party with Paris Saint-Germain


"We will receive to Neymar with the open arms in the PSG"

Published:27/07/2017 - 16:14h

Updated:27/07/2017 - 16:14h

One of the heavy weights of Paris Saint-Germain, Thiago Motta, has effected some statements in which it has opened the door wide open to Neymar Jr in the case that the PSG finish closing his signing. "If it comes, we will receive him with the open arms"

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The experienced midfield player of Paris Saint-Germain, Thiago Motta, has conceded some statements in which it has ensured that, if Neymar Jr finish fichando by the PSG this summer, in the French staff will receive him with the open arms, awarding him a big recibimiento when knowing the important that would be for the team an incorporation of similar calibrate.

"Has the open doors in the PSG. What instrument would not want to a player like Neymar? It is not casualidad that the Barcelona do not leave it leave. If it comes to the PSG will receive it with the open arms. I expect that all finish well for the PSG", has manifested the italo-Brazilian.

"Neymar Is a player that marks differences. If it wants to come, we delighted"

It ensures besides that Neymar Jr is a footballer that marks differences, and that precisely therefore it would be so important to have him in the team. "All the teams would want to a player like Neymar. Neymar Is a player that marks differences. I expect that this subject finish well for PSG, because play with a player of this level does not give many times, is difficult to find".

"It treats of a good opportunity, is difficult and know it. But why it can not be? If he wants to come here, will be loved to give him the welcome. Neymar Is a type of player that at present is difficult to find. It can play in any team, of course that would have fit in PSG. There is not need that it say it, all the world knows, that is a player to another level", has concluded Motta.

The changing room of the PSG ansía the signing of Neymar

It is clear that from the changing room of the PSG will do all the possible pressure to finish to convince to Neymar Jr of the signing, with the eagerness to be more competitive that never the next season in all the competitions.

The future of Neymar Jr, however, follows still in the air and Ernesto Valverde already left clear in the last press conference that keeps on being player of the FC Barcelona, and that further of this fact there are not reasons for the worry.

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