They re-create a party in PES 2017

A party between 11 "Christians Ronaldos" and 11 "Ronaldinhos"?

Published:9/05/2017 - 18:02h

Updated:9/05/2017 - 18:03h

They imagine a party between eleven Christians Ronaldos and eleven Ronaldinhos? Who would win it? These questions did fans to the world of the football and treated to resolve them re-creating it in the video game PES 2017 as it can see in this video

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The world of internet and the imagination of the users give, in occasions, surprising elements and inverosímiles. As the one who us atañe, as it treats of a football match that never could give but that, thanks to the new technologies, has been able to re-create.

It treats of a party between Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Two footballers that coincided, during little time, in the peak of the world-wide football and that several fans have wanted homenajear with a football match in which they only would play they two.

An impossible duel between CR7 and Ronaldinho

That is to say, they would confront eleven Christians Ronaldos and eleven Ronaldinhos, in an impossible duel but that has raised a lot of curiosity. This video that accompanies the news shows like the channel of Youtube "World of PES" reproduces the duel in said video game.

A party in which in the first time can see to a clear dominador, but that changes as they happen the minutes. Who will finish winning the party?

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