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Agnelli Prepares a Ferrari to motivate to Dani Alves

Published:1/06/2017 - 00:49h

Updated:3/06/2017 - 23:07h

When it treats to win titles, Dani Alves does not need motivation. But, with the joy that characterises him, the ex of the Barça explained in press conference that the president will give them a "caballito red" if they achieve to defeat to the Real Madrid

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With a review to the path of Dani Alves is sufficient to show that the Brazilian is a safe in any clash by a title. To the side suffices him with his own ambition to give the maximum in this type of parties, but in the final of the Champions will have another inducement in case to defeat to the Real Madrid.

And it is that the one of Bay confessed in the previous press conference to the final that does not do him lacking additional motivation, but that in this case if it will have it, since the president, Andrea Agnelli, has promised them a "caballito red" if they win to the Madrilenian group.

Alves, with his classical smile, did not give more details on the agreement, but all in the room interpreted that the ex player of the Barça referred to a 'cavallino rampante', as it knows to the logo of the Italian mark Ferrari.

Sincerity first of all

The clarity of Dani Alves to the hour to answer questions is not new, but this time the player afiló his tongue before the final against a team that gives him well, the Real Madrid. Perhaps by his past barcelonista, the Brazilian launched some that another dart against the whites, although it warned at all more begin that "I do not have to express always what likes him to the people, and always from the posture that it is my humble opinion. Probably I do not like to all the world but am not for this".

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