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Bales does not rule out an exotic destination and opens the door to the MLS

Published:2/05/2020 - 08:30h

Updated:2/05/2020 - 08:30h

The future of Gareth Bale keeps giving a lot to talk about and could be far from Real Madrid. The welsh does not rule out an exotic destination and already opens the door to the Major League Soccer (MLS)

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The Real Madrid will be leading in the market of signings of the summer 2020, and expects to certify a sounded 'operation gone out'. Florentino Pérez did not fulfil with all his promises to Zinedine Zidane and left a full changing room for the season 2019-20, by what will have to put the batteries to recess the mass salarial and attain income that increase the budget for incorporations. In the capital there is a lot of work for doing.

The one who follows coming under scrutiny is Gareth Bleat, that no longer descarta a future far of Santiago Bernabéu. The one of Cardiff will fulfil 31 years in July, has the highest wage of the staff and his performance and commitment do not finish to satisfy neither to the trainer, neither to the directive neither to the fans. In spite of that his agreement does not expire until 2022 and does not pose break it, the rumours on a change of airs keep .

The speculations have gone up of level after the interview that the Welsh has conceded to Charlie Stillitano, known by his work like organiser of the International Champions Cup. In his podcast 'The Hat Trick', has confessed that no descarta test luck in the Major League Soccer (MLS): "it likes Me. It is a league that this going up these years and continues with his growth and his improvements, the players, the stadiums, the installations..."

"A lot of players want to go to America in these moments, definitively is something that would interest me, loves me go to Los Angeles on holiday. Game a lot to the golf there", has valued, doing reference to which always has considered his greater passion. Also it has remembered a recent bitter episode, when it celebrated the pass of the selection of Wales to the Eurocopa by the expense of an important bronca with the 'merengues'.

In spite of that the fans continue mosqueados, the forward has desmarcado of the controversy with the flag of "Wales. Golf. Real Madrid. In this order": "I saw It some weeks before, there were on-line photos. And they said that if we classified us would take it out to celebrate it with her. We celebrate it all like team but I did not take it. The people can see it as it want to but I celebrated that my country had classified and laughed me therefore".

It bleat it ensures that it is integrated in the Real Madrid

In spite of the doubts on his adaptation and his relation with the staff, Bleat insists in that it is integrated in the Real Madrid. "In Madrid speak a lot with Luka Modric. We knew us for having together state in Tottenham five years and here carry other seven. Therefore, clear, carry me very well with him. Also I speak a lot with Kroos. I get along with almost all, but, to be sincere, specifically with them", has commented.

Besides, it has revealed that it is not easy to coexist with the criticisms, but has signalled that his education and his character help him to manage the pressure to be in a constant trial in one of the best teams of the world: "it Is complicated lidiar with the pressure, with all the negative criticisms. If you have been educated well for this and do not give him a lot of turns, can relax you and remain you with that give the best of you in the field".

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