They ensure that florentino pérez is violating the Spanish constitution

"Florentino Pérez is violating the Spanish Constitution"

"Florentino Pérez is violating the Spanish Constitution"

Published:16/11/2015 - 12:23h


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A group of partners, led by the ex deputy Rafael Martínez, sued to the president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, by the last change of Statutes that this and his board approved in the Assembly of Compromisarios, armouring the access to the presidency

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
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The ex deputy Rafael Martínez Campillo led does some months to a group of partners that decided to sue to the current president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, by the last change of Statutes that the white mandator and his board promoted and approved three years ago, in the Assembly of Compromisarios of September of 2012, limiting the access to the presidency of the white club to candidates that fulfil with conditions like the one to carry like minimum 20 years of partner and have of the capacity to endorse with heritage only personal. These requirements propiciaron that in the elections of 2013 to the presidency of the Real Madrid only presented Florentino Pérez, something that the jueza Almudena Maricalva Arranz will have to study the next 25 November, four days after the Classical of Santiago Bernabéu between Real Madrid and Barça.

Rafael Martínez considers to Florentino Pérez a tramposo. "I see big possibilities that the jueza give us the reason and that summon new elections. In one or two months could have sentence. Florentino Pérez changed the statutes to armour in the power. It did a regulation tramposo and unconstitutional", signals in an interview conceded to "MD", asking that the Real Madrid go back to democratise . "That is our aim. The change of Statutes of 2012 goes against of the rights of the Spanish Constitution, of the Law of the Sport and of the Organic Law of Associations. Florentino violates the constitutional norms".

"Florentino Pérez only looks for to perpetuate in the power"

"There is not reason so that by reasons of ideology, sex or economic condition, a Spanish, any partner of the Madrid, can be discriminated on another. The last statutory reform does not respect the equality of rights of the partners of the club. The Board that chairs Florentino seems the Board of directors of a Lodge masónica. The club is the homestead of this president, whose management is authoritarian, unipersonal and extraneous to a sportive project". Florentino Pérez signalled then that it wanted to avoid that Arab and Russian sheiks could control the club, but is likely that that was not his direct aim, but the one to be of permanent form in the presidency.

"He only looks for to perpetuate in the power and has manufactured a system for this. To opt to the presidency requires a preaval banking, with personal heritage of the candidate, of 15% of the general budget of the entity, now some 87 millions on 581. According to data of Inland revenue, no more than 500 Spaniards enjoy of this heritage. Supposing that the half went of the Madrid, that already is a lot suppose, how many are 20 years old of antiquity like partners? With these requirements, Florentino can be still in the presidency until the next century".

Rafael Martínez ensures that Florentino Pérez does not respect to the partners of the Real Madrid. "In effect, we have lived it in our own meats. To the partner contestatario abuses him . In the answer of the club to our demand called us ofeverything . To the loge of Santiago Bernabéu no longer invites to the peñistas, except that they are fellow of the president. To the social mass despises it to him. Florentino would not have to go through on of the partners. The club is done for the personal eagernesses of the president".

The Real Madrid, with a gross debt of 620 millions 

At present the gross debt of the Real Madrid is of 620 million euros, and to Rafael Martínez ask him if the team "merengue" walks to the abyss. "It is obvious. There is a financial load that has to the club to the edge of the precipicio. Until when it will tolerate it the European Union?". To sportive level, besides, the Real Madrid only has won a League of the last seven. "The sportive politics of Florentino is a permanent noria after big signings without criterion and never building a stable team". Already they have accused more than once to Florentino Pérez to benefit of the fact to be president of the Real Madrid.

"When it goes of it turns with the team by China, Japan, Australia or United States, he knows that like president of ACS would be in the row 16, but like president of the Madrid is in the row 1. I will not say more, was not that to me also sue me, as it already has done with the director of ACE and with the prestigious economist Gay of Liébana".

In this sense, Rafael Martínez has clear which is his favourite model of club. "It loves me the one of the Bayern of Munich, all a demonstration of solvency and seriousness in the sportive and also in the economic. There, the partner and peñista is God. Always it takes into account his opinion, something that does not occur in this Madrid. But between our partners there are people that would know to manage very well the club. Therefore I always say that the guarantee that does fault is the one of the partners, no the one of the money...".

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