The president of the real madrid denied also several informations of the press

Florentino: "there is a campaign against me and against the Madrid"

Florentino: "there is a campaign against me and against the Madrid"

Published:23/11/2015 - 19:42h


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The president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, appeared this Monday in an extraordinary press conference and summoned by him same in which it ratified to Rafa Benítez in the charge of trainer of the white group and denied several informations filtered by the press

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Florentino Pérez appeared this Monday in front of the media to clear, between other things, that Rafa Benítez will not be destituido after the shipwreck of the Real Madrid against the FC Barcelona (0-4) and that he neither will resign neither will summon elections anticipated in spite of the whistles that devoted him the fans madridista in Santiago Bernabéu the Saturday. In fact, Florentino Pérez loaded against the press accusing it to publish false informations for desestabilizar to the club in what tildó of "campaign against me and against the Real Madrid".

"I appear to inform that after the managerial Board celebrated today have analysed the sportive situation of the team and have to communicate that we have decided that the trainer Rafa Benítez has all our support and confidence. Benítez Was chosen by his professionalism, path and experience and is qualified to carry forward to this team. I understand the anger of the fans after the party of the Saturday. We have to have unit. Rafa Benítez finish to begin, leave him work, that sure that will arrive the triumphs. We are in eighth of the Champions and in the League until the two last parties (Seville in front of the Barcelona) were leaders".

"We are convinced that have a big staff and sure that they will give us a lot of joy. I ask the support for the technical body and for the players", said in the first place, before it arrived the turn of questions. Florentino Pérez does not think that there is lacking of attitude in the white staff. "That is a bad interpretation of the party. We did a bad party, all the world saw it, but there was not lacking of attitude. Perhaps it had to see that they went back a lot of players after a lot of months". It thinks that there is a campaign against him in the means, and does not think to resign.

"Respect all demonstration of the fans. They are demanding and have right. The of the campaign believes it you, I and all those that are here. Neither we have spoken to summon elections. Only we analyse what happened the Saturday and in front of the doubts, have decided to back to the trainer. It will be able of reconducir a situation that comes from January". It ensured that it is necessary to trust Rafa Benítez. "It carries little time and there is confidence in that it will fix the problems. Anybody has questioned him in the board. It needs also, more if there have been players lesionados during two months".

And it denied categorically that the captains have asked him that destituya to Benítez, that have gathered with Mendes to negotiate the traspaso of Cristiano Ronaldo and that Karim Benzema earn 10 million euros by season. "Of a lot of what happens the fault is mine. We can not go out to deny everything. The Saturday, a newspaper said that according to Radius Montecarlo dined Jorge Mendes and the president of the PSG. Also that was the president".

"There are people that does of the lie his reason tobe . They think that without me have influence. Never Christian said me that we do not go to win at all with this technician. Never it said at all of anybody. It is a good uncle. The that what want to sell him is for desestabilizar. Neither it wins 10 net millions Benzema. Neither gross. The fault is mine by not saying that it is lie. This do not go it to consent more".

On the chants of "Florentino resignation" of the fans, said the following: "Already I have said that respect to the fans, that is the best that has this club. Only I ascertain the level of requirement that there is here. Besides, these cries initiate them always the same. The ultras use it everything to intimidate me. It knows me worse that a half carry a banner against me, do the photo and afterwards carry it to him. It would like me that these people (ultras) were not in the stadium".

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