The lawyer of the forward of the real madrid ensures that "it has declared  innocent"

The lawyer of Benzema denied everything: "it declares innocent"

The lawyer of Benzema denied everything: "it declares innocent"

Published:5/11/2015 - 14:25h


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The lawyer of Karim Benzema, Sylvain Cormier, has denied categorically that the French forward of the Real Madrid have recognised to have participated in the blackmail to Mathieu Valbuena. In this sense, Cormier ensures that they have imputed to Benzema because it is "suspicious"

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The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
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Contrary to the informations that go arriving from France, and although yes it is one hundred by one hundred contrasted that Karim Benzema has been imputed like "suspect" to having committed crimes of extortion and blackmail with a video of sexual content to his mate of selection, Mathieu Valbuena, the reality is that the lawyer of the player of the Real Madrid, Sylvain Cormier, ensures that the footballer has declared "innocent" in front of the judge of the crimes that impute him , denying have participated actively in any type of blackmail to the player of the Olympique of Lyon.

"Benzema Has declared innocent, has not recognised at all, as it is saying . He has not participated in any attempt of blackmail", has expressed the lawyer of Benzema, regretting besides the interpretations that says that it is doing the press of all the sucedido.

The case is that the Fiscalía has launched a communiqué in which it ensures to have imputed to Benzema by "complicity in attempt of blackmail and participation in an association of malefactors to prepare a crime that can be punished with at least five years of prison".

To all this, Cormier defends that the judge has communicated him that Benzema is "suspicious, and therefore it has been imputed". In this coyuntura, the lawyer of the footballer of the Real Madrid alludes to that the ariete French the only that did was to take part of friendly "form to say him to Valbuena that did not leave it happen". Valbuena, according to judicial sources, would have defined however the tone of Benzema like "threatening" and for nothing friendly.

The player of the Real Madrid happened the last 24 hours in a commissariat of Versalles waiting for speaking with the judge, but now finds in provisional freedom. During the next hours -or days- will go knowing more details on the plot of extortion and sexual blackmail to Valbuena, and will clear definitively if Karim Benzema had or no that see in all this subject, what could be a serious problem for his professional career in the Real Madrid.

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