Theo Hernández, during his presentation with the Real Madrid


Theo Hernández did not want to besar the shield of the Real Madrid

Published:11/07/2017 - 11:01h

Updated:11/07/2017 - 11:04h

The first official signing of Florentino Pérez this summer, Theo Hernández, did not want to besar the shield of the Real Madrid during his presentation in Santiago Bernabéu, although some fans merengues like this asked it to him from the terracings

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It was not of the all plácida the presentation that had Theo Hernández like first official signing of the Real Madrid of face to the next season. The left lateral youngster did not stop to touch the shield when tens of fans that occupied the terracings of Santiago Bernabéu asked him that it besara, something that the ex player of the Athletic of Madrid did not want to do.

Before getting dressed of short and go out to the terrain of game, already had pronounced some words of gratitude to the fans from the loge. "I appreciate the confidence that have deposited in me. Thank you very much To the fans and to the players by the recibimiento. I am very happy to be here, to play in the best club of the world and with the best players of the world", commented.

Had some that another problemilla while it gave touch them of balloon. In a determinate moment lost the control, elevated too much the spherical and afterwards saw forced to control it with the hand. Normal nerves, surely, for a young player that is allocated to complement and improve even more to the staff of the Real Madrid.

Theo, of the quarry of the Athletic to the eternal rival

Theo cuajó an excellent past season in the Sportive Alavés, although it shined more to offensive level that defensive. It marked a golazo of direct fault to the FC Barcelona in the final of the Glass of Rey, but the most remarkable of his game is not the strike of balloon, but the verticality and speed that offers when it incorporates to the attack and unfolds to his pair in the band.

Theo Hernández still no besa the shield of the Real Madrid, and can that it do not do it never. In spite of his win of fichar by the Real Madrid, does not be necessary to forget that it is a young footballer that proceeds of the quarry of one of the eternal rival of the white group, the Athletic. And something had to him remain.

The FC Barcelona was also litigating by his signing does some months, although it can that in reality all went a strategy to try put up the price of his signing by the Real Madrid. The question is that Theo, as it has done now Ceballos, finish choosing the Spanish capital.

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