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The advice of Batista to Barça about Lautaro Martínez

Published:4/05/2020 - 13:25h

Updated:4/05/2020 - 14:02h

Fernando Batista is the Argentina Olympic coach, and he thinks that Lautaro Martínez can have a place at Barça. The coach sees the youngster as compatible with Luis Suárez, and has given the catalans some advice about his future

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The FC Barcelona follows decided to fichar to Lautaro Martínez, and in the last months has received a lot of recommendations. Experts in the Italian football and Argentinians have pronounced by the same on his options, and although there is those who recommend him that it take it to him calmly and hold something more in the Inter of Milan, there are others that think that, near to fulfil 23 years, is in the best moment to give the jump to LaLiga.

Between these last is Fernando Batiste, brother of Sergio Batiste and technician of the Juvenile of the 'albiceleste', so much of the combined Sub20 as of the Olympic team. The preparador, the first that called him to the selection and that thought to include him in the list for the Games, stands out the good influence of his family in his career, and the wish to grow of a youngster that always wanted to remain "a while more in the trainings".


The one of Buenos Aires has made a profile of the ariete, and does not doubt on his best qualities: "it Possesses an impressive instinct. Always it anticipates. It knows to advance to the played. It is lethal. A lot of goals are like this, comes a centre and anticipates from above or of down. Him sobran personality and physical power. It does not need a lot of route to take out a finish that it break the arch. Has an incredible potential and still is missing him to touch his ceiling".

"It takes the correct decisions, knows when support, when go to look for to the space. It grew a lot in this year and beak in Italy. Before, it saw it more chocador. All this went it to him giving the time, the trainings and also the mates", has added in his conversation with 'Sportive World', in which it has insisted in that, in spite of the quality that already appreciates him , this is only a sample of all what has for giving.

The seleccionador has dared even to bet by the comparisons, and sees him some similarity with Gabriel Batistuta, although it considers to the of White Bay with an upper technician: "Lautaro goes in a very seemed way to the of Batistuta. In the hand manually, in the speed, in the head butt, in the physical power, are very alike. Lautaro has a lot of things of 'Bati', but is more technical. With the ball is better".

Batiste thinks that Lautaro has future in the Barça

Questioned by a future that has heated recently, Batiste also insists in his confidence in the forward, and thinks that, by his characteristics would not have problems if it changed the Series To by LaLiga: "it goes Him to cost less affirm in the Spanish football that in the Italian. The defences in Italy are more aguerridas, mark more, do not give so many spaces. The Spanish defender gives two or three seconds of advantage".

"In Italy have to be very good forward to define as it does it Lautaro. By something Cristiano Ronaldo does not convert goals in the Juventus with so much ease as in the Real Madrid. It is because they mark it of another way. A forward like Lautaro can adapt without problems to the Barcelona and also to the Real Madrid", has valued, and even has referred to the concrete case of his possible disembarkment in the Camp Nou.

"It seems me that in the Barcelona are looking for somebody resembled Luis Suárez. Well resupplied, with Messi in command, Lautaro can surrender a lot of in the Barça and attain something resembled what achieved the Uruguayan", has explained. Besides, and on the contrary that another expert like Javier Saviola, considers that the requirement of both cracks would benefit him, and that even would be able to coexist with the two on the lawn.

"The best for the Barça would be to play with Lautaro, Suárez and Messi together"

The Argentinian puts the example of Romelu Lukaku to speak of a new society: "Those that play well and are intelligent can do it. Therefore Suárez and Lautaro could play together without problems. Today it finds an example in the Inter. Lautaro coexists without problems with Lukaku. Have alike characteristics and project the two. When one goes by the half, the another goes out to the band. They do not superimpose . They look for ".

"It would be a big worry for the rival defenders. Afterwards, of course, it is the idea of the trainer. If it wants to play with a 4-3-3, there would be place only for one of the two. But with these two beasts up would have a big advantage. This besides would deliver him more options of pass to Messi, that now comes a bit more than backwards. I would not doubt, would play with Suárez and Lautaro together", has reflexionado, advising to the culés.

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