After fulfilling the sanction fifa of not being able to fichar, in the barça already have debuted in the first day 53 of the 76 reinforcements that have arrived

Already they have debuted 53 of the 76 reinforcements of the FC Barcelona

Already they have debuted 53 of the 76 reinforcements of the FC Barcelona

Published:10/01/2016 - 10:45h


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After fulfilling the sanction FIFA and have been able to inscribe to all the footballers that had already hired in the different categories of the basic football, the big majority already have debuted with his respective teams and those that no, will do it next week

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After the first day of official competition after the sanction FIFA that prevented to the FC Barcelona inscribe to any new footballer in all his categories, already have been 53 those that have been able to enfundarse the Barcelona T-shirt and play his first party with the Barça. Of all they stand out the premières, beside the ones of Aleix Vidal and Burn Turan in the first team, of Fali, Moi and Dani Romera in the filial of Gerard.

But these three have not been able to happen of the tie to one in front of the Cornellà, one of the gallitos of the group III of the Second Division B. In spite of the result, the team showed a lot of mejorías and seems that in the next days can begin to go out of the pozo. Temple impound, no only debuted the footballers of the second Barcelona team, but others like the alevín Jan Molina could mark his first goals (five, at all more and at all less) with the FC Barcelona.

And it is that this Saturday nine January was a very special day for footballers and parents, that have been suffering and struggling together with his children by a sanction of the most unfair that has deprived them during seven months to be able to enjoy of the sport that likes them. It is thus that it parents of Jaume Cuéllar, Tomàs Marquès or Daniel Gudjohnsen, son of the exfutbolista culé, celebrated with happiness all the so many of his primogénitos.

The parents of Óscar Chew, Landry Farre, Madou Murcia and David Juan González also did the same with the first so many of his children in the first party with the shield of the Barça in the breast. Others, like the Juvenile To of Paik or the reinforcements of the B, touched them this Sunday play his first minutes and debut, something that beyond all doubt will have enjoyed of very good way.

Beside the Korean Paik appear other "signings" of the team of Gabri as they are the defences Rubén García and Arnau Campeny that, together with the leading Rafa Mújica, ex of The Palms and in which they have put a lot of hopes, also would do his Barcelona official debut in front of the Saragossa in the field of the Ebro with the first Juvenile Barcelona this same Sunday.

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