Lukas Podolski in his presentation with the Vissel Kobe Japanese


An eternal signing of the Barça leaves to the Japanese league

Published:6/07/2017 - 16:44h

Updated:6/07/2017 - 16:44h

It has sounded during a lot of years for the Barça, and also has gone through the Bayern, the Arsenal and the Inter, always standing out in the German selection. Lukas Podolski will undertake a new adventure in the exotic Japanese league, in the Vissel Kobe

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During a lot of years his left-handed marvelled in the Camp Nou and in each market of signings was usual that his name went out between the possible reinforcements of the FC Barcelona. Although Lukas Podolski never arrived to dress of Barcelona, always related him with the club, although his career went through the Bundesliga, the Premier, the Series To or the Turkish league.

Now, the powerful German forward has undertaken a new adventure in the Japanese league, where lucirá the colours of the Vissel Kobe. "It is a big change. I know that this championship is the strongest of Asia and am had to encourage it with my team", aimed ilusionado in his presentation.

Of Polish origins, Podolski was born futbolísticamente in the Colony, where his stood out performance carried him to fichar by the Bayern of Munich. After some seasons something irregular, the tip went back to the team that saw him grow before leaving to the Premier, where was a member of the Arsenal before another ventura in Italy, in the Inter. The Galatasaray Turkish has been the last team of the attacker, that looks for luck in a country in growth.

Bigger in the selection

Of Lukas Podolski always has said that it is something irregular, but his peculiarity is that every time that played with the German selection achieved to shine like any. The past month of March the forward sacked of the 'Mannschaft' with a golazo in a friendly in front of England, topping a big path with his combined national.

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