Laurent Blanc in a session of training of the PSG


Blanc: "Neymar Does not guarantee Champions; Verratti remains "

Published:24/07/2017 - 17:18h

Updated:24/07/2017 - 17:18h

It was player of the Barça and trainer of the PSG, so Laurent Blanc knows of what speaks when it thinks on both teams. The French technician thinks that to the Frenchmen does them fault something more than Neymar to win the Champions and that Verratti will not leave

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On the possible course of Neymar of the FC Barcelona have thought infinity of characters. After Bartomeu, Mestre, Hammered or Valverde has touched him the turn to Laurent Blanc, that went Barcelona player and does some years occupied the bench of the PSG. For the preparador French, the Brazilian would be a big signing for the Parisians, but would not ensure a Champions that is the big longing of the 'bleus', since the groups built to base of talonario need time to triumph.

"The PSG wants to turn into a big European club. It treats of a club with an incredible economic potential and with a player of the level of Neymar could become also one of the big clubs of Europe in a future", has analysed Blanc, whose back reflection will not do too much grace to the members of the square capitalina.

"Win the Champions? It can be with him or with other players. This carries his time. It treats of a competition that does not win by the cost of millions in players. The football do not do it the millions. A club needs to have stability, a project. For the moment, the PSG has grown of a fast form. Now it is an important club and some day will win the Champions League", has argued the technician, that has launched a very clear warning on the current strategy of his ex club.

Also for the Barça

In addition to leaving a 'recado' for Paris Saint Germain, the sincerity of Laurent Blanc also has meant a hit for the Barça, since it has recessed the hopes on the possible signing of Marco Verratti: "No that goes to happen with Verratti. It is an important player for the PSG. Has some glorious qualities and will do all the possible so that it do not leave . It will be difficult for the player that leave him go out".

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