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Busquets also would be in looks it of the Manchester United

Published:3/05/2016 - 20:15h

Updated:3/05/2016 - 20:15h

From England ensure that the Manchester United would be very pending of the negotiations of renewal of agreement that have opened Sergio Busquets and the FC Barcelona, with the aim to try fichar to the "Octopus" of Badía

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As it informed "Metre" from England, when seeming Sergio Busquets no only would be in the diary of the PSG, but it would follow arousing the interest in the British islands of the Manchester United, that needs urgently do with the services of some midfield player that can endow of balance to the centre of the field "network devil", orphan from the withdrawal of Paul Scholes.

The case is that the Manchester United, that for the moment is being trained by Louis Go Gaal but could be it by José Mourinho of face to the next season, would be very pending of how advance the negotiations of open renewal between the FC Barcelona and the representatives of Busquets, with the intention to put the finger in the sore and, if said contacts do not follow the planned course, launch one offers multimillionaire that do meditar seriously to the of Badía his continuity in the team blaugrana, something that for the time being gives more than by seated.

In base to an information published does some weeks by the "Mirror", besides, when seeming the Manchester City also would have the intention no only to go to by Busquets this next summer, but also to by Luis Suárez, two basic pieces of the FC Barcelona and that hardly will move of the Camp Nou arrive or no a scandalous offer by part of other teams.

The Manchester City would have designed beside Pep Guardiola a project in which would have foreseen to dominate in the UEFA Champions League in a margin of three seasons, reinforcing to the staff of the English club with some of the best of the world for of this form have of more opportunities to bend the authority and supremacy showed by the FC Barcelona during the last times.

Pep Guardiola would give to the Manchester City a stamp futbolístico based in the quality of his players and the collective game, imitating of this form to a FC Barcelona that has obtained the sportive glory along the last seasons thank you precisely to his style of game.

In this sense, the technician of Santpedor would have full freedom to choose to the players that wants that they accompany him in this new adventure futbolística, and between them could be Luis Suárez and Busquets. In spite of everything, said information seems more related with the rumorología that with the sportive journalism contrasted and of quality, by what exist few probabilities that it was in the true.

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