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Eric García, closed: Barça will make it official after the Champions final

Published:11/05/2021 - 09:29h

Updated:11/05/2021 - 20:15h

Eric García will be the first signing of the new FC Barcelona of Jona Laporta. The central defender has accepted the offer from the Catalans, who will wait until after the Champions League final to announce their signing

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Eric García does not go to renew with the Manchester City and will remain free when it finalise the season. The central carries a lot of months with the idea to return to the FC Barcelona​​, that went his house until the 16 years and that it is the team of his heart. Thus it has refused all the proposals that of renewal that have arrived him from the Etihad and also the ones of other teams interested in doing with his services.

In principle, his signing by the Barça was sung from the past summer, when the culés were near to carry it. However, there was not agreement with the City and the operation postponed . In winter there was a new 'intentona', but there was not consensus between Víctor Font, Joan Laporta and Víctor Freixa, the three candidates to the elections, by which the club could not close his arrival for this campaign.

However, andl agent of the footballer yes negotiated a pre-agreement with the club for his arrival in summer. The figures of his wage and the seasons were pactadas and only remained to close the commission of his representative and the premium of the defender for arriving with the letter of freedom. It expected that the new president, in this case Joan Laporta, did well this deal, but the economic situation of the club was worse of what 'Jan' expected and therefore it changed the conditions of the proposal.

The new president arrived to the conclusion that it could not keep him to the Spanish the same offer that agreed months before and presented him a new with lower figures. This did not seat him at all well to the footballer, that to the prinicpio refused it and therefore the deal remained in the air. Luckily, the time has done that the waters go back to his course and that the defence go in in reason and do not leave to happen the opportunity to play in the team of his life.

Eric García will be player of the Barça

In 'Sportive World' ensure that the still defender of the City has recapacitado and is about to to turn into new player of the Barça. It seems that the agreement is almost total and that will do official after the final of the Champions League that contest the own 'cityzens' against Chelsea. The Barcelona and the own Eric believe convenient to expect to then by respect to the club of Pep Guardiola, that plays in the weeks to come the Premier League and this League of Champions.

Therefore, the barcelonistas oficializarán the arrival of the Catalan from 29 May and always before the Eurocopa. García, in spite of have not played almost at all this campaign, is indisputable for Luis Enrique and few doubt that it will be in the tournament. He does not want to leave with Spain without solving his future, by what expects that to finals of May or principle of June announce his signing by the Barcelona team.

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