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Figo tries to clean his name after his betrayal Barça-Madrid

Published:31/05/2016 - 09:53h

Updated:31/05/2016 - 10:00h

The ex footballer of the FC Barcelona that decided to betray to club and fans to finish recalando in the Real Madrid Luis Figo, treats now, sixteen years afterwards, to clean his name explaining his version of the facts and the lived later

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It was one of the betrayals that more remember in Can Barça by how gave and all what originated later. Luis Figo decided in the year 2000 do the cases and accept the singings of siren that arrived him from Madrid, in spite of being captain, fuselage insignia and strongly wanted by the fans of the FC Barcelona. A dark episode in the history of the Barça that gave step to several years of unsteadiness, crazy signings and north loss until the arrival of Joan Laporta.

However, the Portuguese has wanted to defend his version of the things in the program of the "Chain Be" directed by the British presenter Michael Robinson and called "Accent Robinson". There the one of Madeira explayó explaining it sucedido during this time.

"Never I assumed any commitment with Florentino, had it with the Real Madrid. Florentino, like candidate, assumed an agreement with my agent in his moment, with me no because had an agreement and could not sign with any candidate. In this moment, I worked with my agent of word, did not have any contractual bond with him. What said is not truth. What happened afterwards was a mine decision. Seeing the situation and with the commitment of my agent, I decided to sign by the Madrid", stood out him luso.

The luso affirmed that it communicated him to Núñez what was sucediendo and that this did not do case and limited to say him that it brought the money to go . "The past is to learn. I do not look for guilty neither victims. The situation was transmitted to the president, did not want to do case of the situation and at the end, everything finish with my traspaso. Nuñez Said me "brings the money and can go you" and this happened", commented.

It does not complain of his Barcelona stage: "My period in the Barcelona was happy, fantastic. I do not complain of my past. I think that it is to remember, is part of my career and also of the club. Without what learnt there my career had not been the same".

Like this it reacted after it sucedido by his traspaso: "I do not know if it was prepared, did not know how went to react. You take the decision and waits that professionally can it do the best that pùedes and emotionally, did not know how went me to receive. They were other times, the Madrid was in a period of transition and besides, with the press before went out to press conferences and now, the player is a bit more protected. It did not know what went me to find, as it went to react".

The turn to the Camp Nou: "The environment to play with 100000 against is totally different when you expect it that when no. In this case, it had been worse that me pitase the public of the Bernabéu. It had thought that was finish. When I go to a situation that already expect, because what mounted in terms of social communication, what has attacked me , what was has caused. That what caused in terms of violence anybody comments it... Now, here the bad is Luis Figo but good".

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