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Freixa Sues to tie up the signing of Eric García for July

Published:26/01/2021 - 15:28h

Updated:26/01/2021 - 15:40h

Toni Freixa published a video in the social networks explaining that with the direct agreement with Eric García, already can approach to the Manchester City with a distinct offer to his pretences

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Toni Freixa, presidential candidate​ of the FC Barcelona, published a video through the social networks to "explain a question that is important". With this message, initiated a reflecixión of a pair of minutes of length to expose his point of view on the possible signing of Eric García. He would tie to the defence with a direct agreement with the footballer because the law already allows it when finalising agreement on 30 June, but would not incorporate it until 1 July free unless the Manchester City request a symbolic quantity. Like this it explains it.

"There is the opportunity of fichar a player that remains free in the Manchester City as Eric Garcia, an ours player, a player that formed part of our quarry, that left and that it wants to go back and that only wants to play in the Barça, does not want to go to another club. In the meetings that have been supported by the Managing Board has posed us this possibility", exposed the lawyer and presidential candidate of the club culé.

Likewise, it ensured that it is "quite surprised" by the way in that his rivals have expressed around the signing of the defence: "And I have remained me quite surprised to find me, on the one hand, with the gentleman Laporta, that says that we do not have to it fichar, that leave it, that already will decide it the new president, with the risk that this comports to lose to a player that have a big opportunity to incorporate; and on the other hand, the gentleman Font want to that we negotiate with the City and that pay a traspaso by which do not know if it looks after the interests of the City or by the ones of the Barça".

Freixa Exposed his point of view around the signing of the defence: "I think that the question is very clear: it is necessary to ensure to this player, is in the last six months of agreement and already can sign it and engage his incorporation on 1 July. And once we have it closed and was ours, even can acercanos to the City and offer him an offer that do not seem at all to what the City pretends. At all to pay five millions, neither eight, neither ten, neither at all seemed, by a player that will be ours on 1 July".

Finally, it expressed with worry his wish because the managing commission take the decision that in his opinion is the ideal: "I Expect that tomorrow the managing commission act in consequence and that chord incorporate this player free from 1 July because it is an absolutely interesting investment for the Barça and do not have to leave that it escape us . I insist, I do not understand the posture of the others two candidates".

Barça, urgido of defensive quality

Although it has presented like a subject of debate between candidates, is imperative the contracting of a defender of quality, that arrive to the Barcelona to reinforce the defence that until the moment presents countless coladeros. Well it is true that the Barcelona group finds in a process of restructuring, and for this is essential the defensive reinforcement to build the foundations of a powerful team of face to the coming campaigns, where the Barcelona will have to heave after this hard process.

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