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Lautaro Martínez, an intelligent player like the most

Published:16/04/2020 - 11:05h

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In addition to being a player of football of big level, the psychologist of Lautaro Martínez affirms that it treats also of a person with a privileged mind

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Lautaro Martínez is the forward that enamora to the FC Barcelona by what is able to do with the balloon. But, when seeming, also has a brilliant mind. Cecilia Contarino, skilled psychologist in sport that commissions of the house of juvenile of Racing, knows like anybody to the international albiceleste by the period in which they coincided in the Argentinian team.

In fact, in a conversation with Sportive World, explained that it did him a first psychological test that amazed. "With Lautaro applied the 'Rejilla of Concentration'. It was the first time that a boy kept the concentration along the time that the technician lasted. In general, it occurs that they begin very well and afterwards they go going down. Or the other way around: they start bad and concentrate with the run of the time. Lautaro sustained the concentration perfectly all the time!", it explained.

Afterwards, it did him another test and, of the hit that remained, called to Fabio Radaelli, that was the one who discovered aLautaro and carried it to Racing, since it was the coordinator of juvenile in that then. "I thought that it had been luck and did him another proof, but different, the 'Test of Toulouse'. And it marked the same. I agree me that I called to Fabio Radaelli and said him: 'I do not know how it plays, but has a wonderful head", explained.

"Lautaro marked 98 on 100 when the normal is between 50 and 70. Has a very high level of concentration"

Cecilia Contarino explained the proof. "The technician of the "Rejillla of Concentration" is a square big divided in one hundred cuadraditos, each one with a number of the 00 to the 100, but all mixed. The sportsman has a specific time to go joining with a line all the numbers, in order of minor to elder. Until 50 it is not so complicated, but from here does very garbled because they multiply the lines by all the picture. Can make in silence or applying some effect distractor", commented.

The psychologist surprised by the capacity of concentration of the forward. "I give them few minutes and go them speaking. In the terrain of game there are a lot of factors that distract to the players, like the fans, the rivals, the climate, the tiredness... A footballer has to attain concentrate with distractions. I asked him things, he answered me and followed as if at all it disturbed it", explained.

The punctuation of Lautaro went equally amazing. "It marked 98 on 100. The normal is between 50 and 70, but to a sportsman that pretends to be of elite demands him above 70. Lautaro begins concentrated and finishes concentrated. And the most amazing was that it attained it in his first test. Because many times the boys go progressing over time, to measure that train ", manifested.

Contarino Stood out another proof in which Lautaro lució. "They are all cuadraditos very boys with rayitas, some go for up and others for down. Then, they show them to the boys three patterns and they have to look for them and mark them. They are a lot of cuadraditos with minimum differences. And also it did it incredible. Lautaro has a very high level of concentration", sentenced.

The personality of Lautaro

The psychologist did not consider to Lautaro very nice, but yes of big heart. "It does not squander charm Lautaro, but is affectionate and sensitive. You feel you to speak with him and is wonderful. Always with the bitter mate. It is like his family. And has a big mate of route, Agustina, his girlfriend. It presented it to me recently appeared in the club with her and with Alma, the dog", concluded.

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