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Lenglet Puts a condition to the hour of fichar by the Barça

Published:16/04/2018 - 17:00h

Updated:16/04/2018 - 19:34h

The youngster and talentoso central French of the Seville, Clément Lenglet, would have put a condition to the hour of fichar by a big club of Europe like the Barcelona. Lenglet Wants to follow having of minutes of game with regularity to be able to progress

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Clément Lenglet is a central in full progression, that has strengthened like titling in the Seville and that, from this season, is one of the more important and valuable players that has the group hispalense in the staff. To his 22 years, Lenglet will struggle to the end for winning a place for the World-wide of Russia 2018 with the selection of France.

If it achieves it and it has of minutes, his value could shoot in the market of signings. At present it has a clause of rescission of 30 million euros in the Seville, and the FC Barcelona could pose credit said quantity to do with the one who to day of today is one of the most promising defenders of the world. This yes, Lenglet could not agreeing.

It would play Lenglet in the Barça? 

And it is that to the Frenchman would love him recalar in a big team like the FC Barcelona, but as long as have the certainty that it will have of minutes with regularity -although it will have to win them in each training-, for of this way not seeing stagnated his progression.

Lenglet Is conscious that, if index card by the FC Barcelona and Samuel Umtiti and Gerard Hammered continue in the staff, will have it complicated to enjoy of minutes unless one of the two central headlines lesione or was traspasado. The plans of the Barça do not go through to give off of any of his two defenders, but yes could convince to Lenglet that equally it will have of minutes, although it was not indisputable headline.

Lenglet Will prioritise the minutes

We remember that it does some years, when it finish to fulfil the veintena, preferred to remain yielded in the recently risen Nancy to fichar by a Juventus of Turín in whose staff figuaraban like head offices Bonucci, Chiellini, Rugani and Barzagli.

The FC Barcelona has gone following his progression closely during the last months, and in addition to his quality, what more values is his good adaptation LaLiga, with a clause of rescission very apetecible taking into account the prices that move at present in the market of signings. Until the summer, however, will not know if the Barça bets by his signing... And to be like this, Lenglet always will have the last word.

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