Ernesto Valverde, in his presentation in the Barça with Bartomeu, Robert and Jordi Mestre

Valverde And Robert, to touch the keys

Like this it will be the renewal of the FC Barcelona 2017-2018

Published:11/06/2017 - 08:37h

Updated:11/06/2017 - 12:44h

The FC Barcelona has clear that to go back to reign in Spain and Europe needs an important renewal in his project, something for what has been hired Ernesto Valverde the one who, together with Robert Fernández, will give form to the new Barça

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The new Football Club Barcelona begins already. From the presentation of Ernesto Valverde like new Barcelona trainer, Josep Maria Bartomeu has left in his hands and the ones of Robert Fernández the "wake up of the beast". Or what is the same, touch the necessary keys to renew to the team and go back to do it more competitive that never.

All this can resumir in five big points that include from a restructuring inside the own plantel to close the signings ilusionantes of which spoke the maximum just mandator when concluding the season. With the base of a team that two years ago raised the "triplete", the era Valverde is born with the absolute requirement rooted always to this club and that will begin the same month of August, with the Supercopa of Spain that will confront them to the Real Madrid. Thus, the steps to give during the next weeks will be key to go back to reverdecer big successes.

1. Restructuring inside the staff

The past course said Luis Enrique Martínez at the beginning that, a priori, this was the best staff of his three years in the club. With more options that never, the team never finish to start and, in spite of the new, saw clearly that there were positions descompensadas. For example the fault of a right-handed side, given the little faith in Aleix Vidal and the "patch" Sergi Roberto, weighed him to the team in determinate moments of the already left backwards 2016-2017.

Vidal has won go on down his fight and sacrifice, but will litigate with a carrilero top in his place. Sergi Roberto will go back to the centre of the field, where seems that they could produce some exits. In retaguardia Jeremy Mathieu will say goodbye, in the goal will do it Jordi Masip whereas the leading will be the only demarcation where do not go out any footballer. If no all the contrary, will increase with the arrival of a polyvalent attacker that can play by the two bands.

2. Signings of footballers that are headlines

The past summer the FC Barcelona believed convenient to centre his efforts in matter of signings to think in the future. The incorporations made, except the one of Samuel Umtiti, have not achieved to do with a place in the eleven headline. They have served more to increase the basic wardrobe that another thing, something that will not occur this summer.

As the idea is that the players that arrive do it to struggle of you to you with the "intocables" culés to achieve a place in the team, waking up like this also the competitiveness of the own footballers blaugranas. The positions has to reinforce are keys: right Side, centre of the field and right-handed extreme, with to the exception that it can arrive a young head office if Marlon does not convince to the Txingurri. These three first places appointed will be occupied by footballers contrasted and indisputable headlines in his current teams.

3. Bellerín And Verratti, the aims prioritarios

 The main demarcation that will cover this summer will be the one of the right lane. There it has Aleix Vidal but no longer with Sergi Roberto, the one who will go back to the centre of the field. The elected is Héctor Bellerín whose price is the main problem. They expect to resolve it when the things are calmed in the Arsenal, but there is some that another player that can interest like Nelson Semedo or César Azpilicueta.

This yes, the one of Calella is the preferred and by which will bet big part of the budget. It looks for convert to the canterano Barcelona in the new Dani Alves of the team, no longer by his qualities, but because betting by him would look for a right-handed side title for the next decade.

This season has left us to Andrés Iniesta very touched physically. This fact has meant a bajón in the game of a team that depends clearly of his captain. It is thus that the main second aim of the club is to do with a signing of reference for the centre of the field. At all of experiments with gaseous, a man that avenges to direct the game culé and with rank to title.

Here it appears, how no, the name of Marco Verratti. The midfield player of the PSG admitted, by his representative, that his aim is to win the Champions. Something that, on the other hand, sees difficult that occur in France. His arrival would mean a big economic outlay. The same that by the another name that has appeared, Philippe Coutinho that although it has played of interior in several occasions, is more a mediapunta. Perhaps too offensive for the centre of the field of the Barça, although all is reconvertible whenever the option of the Italian do not finish cuajando.

4. Investment higher of the expected

Robert Fernández needs to hit in the incorporations, that although in this occasion will be less than does just a year, will suppose more costs. From Verratti to Coutinho going through Dembélé, Bellerín, Seri or Azpilicueta are some of the players to by which will go the Barça to reinforce his three (or four) put keys.

Therefore it seems clear that the culé will do a powerful investment if they want that the "Plan To" carries out. The price of Verratti already would rise to 80 million euro and Bellerín would not cost less than 40 millions, although the Arsenal could recess the figure if it includes to some player in the operation.

Fnalmente, Dembélé would be near of the 30 million euros in spite of having only 20 years. In total, some 150 million euros that will have to go out of the 75 "kilos" presupuestados beside the profits that can take out by the sales. It will touch "rascarse" the pocket to go back to be competitive.

5. The list of drops: Mathieu and Burn Turan will not follow

Also it is necessary to treat the subject of the drops of the current plantel. It seems that any of the players yielded at present will have fit in the team, being Sergi Samper the only that generates doubts. It could go back to bet for him by another cession formadora in a club of First Division. Of the other will treat to take out the maximum of possible money by them.

Regarding the players of the first current team, two already know that they will not follow. Jeremy Mathieu and Jordi Masip already have sacked of his mates. Burn Turan has all the numbers to add to this, with the apparition of in scene of a Rafinha whose father would be looking for him team to have minutes and retell for Brazil. Of both expects take out 40 and 30 million euros, respectively. All this joined to the income that expect by Munir, Tello, Vermaelen or Douglas Pereira could give with the suitable quantity to tackle the necessary incorporations.

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