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Everton's offer to take Coutinho this summer

Published:30/04/2021 - 11:45h

Updated:30/04/2021 - 15:14h

Philippe Coutinho is on the starting ramp for this summer and FC Barcelona will hear offers for him. It seems that Everton wants to take the Brazilian and would be willing to offer about 40 million euros

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Philippe Coutinho is having a recovery of knee complicated and has confirmed that it will not go back to play this season. It expected that the mediapunta returned to the terrains of game for the first or the second week of April, but was not possible. The Brazilian has gone through the operating theatre twice from his first intervention and the last has left clear that will not return until the course that comes.

This is a problem for the Barcelona, want to do box with him to final of campaign. The FC Barcelona had that the ex of the Liverpool could claim to final of campaign in some meeting to go up his value, but goes to happen all the contrary. The '14' is devaluating more to each day that manages without to play and this goes to repercutir directly in his possible exit, since there will be powerful offers by him.

In Europe know that the Barça is like crazy for selling to the of Rio de Janeiro and that they could accept traspasarle to the drop, by what does not surprise the news that has given the English newspaper 'The Sun'. The Everton would be interested in doing with the international 'canarinho' this summer, although they do not want to go back crazy by him. Seemingly, the proposal of the 'toffees' rondaría the 40 million euros.

The value of current market of the mediapunta is just of 40 'kilos', by what really is an offer more than acceptable. The problem is that in January of 2018 the Catalans paid 120 millions by him and since have paid some 20 by aims, by what already add 140. The footballer, therefore, is not amortised and his exit would not go out profitable unless it went by an important figure.

If the Barcelona accept to sell him by 40 millions go to lose money with security. The operation of Cou already is dilapidated, but sell him by this money would do it still worse. However, the reality is that the Barça needs money to struggle against the grave economic crisis that there is in the club and traspasar to the of River by this quantity could be a lower evil. Besides, with him they would go more than 10 'kilos' by campaign of wage until 2023, that is when it finish agreement.

The knee of Coutinho, key in his exit

It will be necessary to see in what finish all this and if for real the Everton is had to pay this money by the ex 'network'. In the meantime, the player is in Brazil recovering of the operation in his knee and does not know when will return to Spain. Of how it recover and of the state in which it was his articulation could depend also his course, since anybody will want to fichar to a footballer that is not to 100% of his physicist.

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