The real madrid will have to face up now to a sanction of the fifa

OFFICIAL: Sanction to Madrid and Athletic, without fichar until summer of 2017

OFFICIAL: Sanction to Madrid and Athletic, without fichar until summer of 2017

Published:14/01/2016 - 12:50h


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The FIFA has sanctioned finally to Real Madrid and Athletic by the signing of minors, identical situation to the one of the FC Barcelona around the middle of 2014. Both clubs remain without fichar until next summer of 2017, to fault that they ask the suspension cautelar of the sanction

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Real Madrid and Athletic of Madrid have been sanctioned by the signing of lower players of age, the same reason by which was sanctioned the FC Barcelona around the middle of 2014, in a punishment that will prevent to the group merengue fichar until the summer of 2017 and will comport a sanction of exact dimensions to which suffered the Barcelona club until principles of this month, and that prevented him incorporate to players for the first team during two consecutive periods of signings.

The Commission of Discipline of the FIFA has punished to Real Madrid and Athletic "for having infringido the valid rule on traspasos and high international of lower footballers of 18 years". Florentino Pérez and the directive of the Real Madrid, in addition to the one of the Athletic, will ask the suspension cautelar of the sanction and, like sucedió with the Barça, surely will be able to fichar so much in the present market of January of 2016 as in the one of summer of this same year, delaying of this form the sanction during a period of signings.

In the Real Madrid already smelt the sanction from does months, and began to move the threads to contact with representatives and save the backs in front of the imminent sanction, ensuring for the staff of Zinedine Zidane the arrival of some footballers of renown of face to the market of winter of 2016 or for the next season 2016-17.

Robert Lewandowski, the "Kun" Agüero, Alexis Sánchez, Eden Hazard, David Of Gea... They are only some of the a lot of names that are sounding lately to reinforce the forward and white goal, that could suffer big changes in the case that Cristiano Ronaldo decide to do the cases course to PSG or Manchester United, in addition to that Karim Benzema has all the ballots of not being still in the club by his controversial constants extradeportivas.

The shadow of the sanction FIFA would have carried to the Real Madrid to speed up his pending negotiations during the last weeks, and weeks backwards already could observe to the representative of Robert Lewandowski, Cezary Kucharski, in the loge of Santiago Bernabéu. Anyway, the whites will have a problem if they pretend to carry out big signings in winter of 2016.

It does not foresee that any "big "" of Europe, by the quantity of money that was, go to do without one of his stars to half of season with all the titles at stake. In this coyuntura, joining this to the age of players like Pepe, Sergio Bouquets, Cristiano Ronaldo or Luka Modric, could say that the Real Madrid is putting little by little in a dead end that could repercutir in an even more abysmal command of the FC Barcelona during the next years. If the maximum star of future in the Real Madrid has to be Bleat... Florentino has a problem.

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