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Rexach, on Neymar and Alves: "All the one who goes of the Barça wants to go back"

Published:9/07/2019 - 19:35h

Updated:9/07/2019 - 19:46h

The ex player and ex trainer of the FC Barcelona, Carles Rexach, has valued the recent rumours on the possible turn of Neymar Jr and Dani Alves to the Barça, reflexionando on the first line that occupies the Barcelona club in the international football

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All a myth of the barcelonismo, Carles Rexach, has written an article in 'MD' where has reflexionado on the possibility that Neymar Jr and Dani Alves, as it is saying in several media along the last days, wish to return to the Camp Nou.

The ex player and ex trainer of the Barça has very clear that the Barcelona club occupies the first line of the international football, and that when a footballer leaves it in plenary epogeo of his sportive career, usually misses it and wants to go back to the cape of a time. "Go of the Barça when you are triumphing never is a good decision. It is practically sung that when you go you of here being somebody sooner that late you will have you arrepentido", begins the article of Rexach.

"Lately we have a pair of good examples of this feeling that lamentably are not able to anticipate some big players while they still are here and decide to leave. All the newspapers go full that so much Neymar like Dani Alves have offered to go back to the Barça", continues Rexach on the two Brazilians of the PSG, that could do the cases for recalar in the same destination.

It has said from some sectors of the sportive press that Alves would wish to return to the Barça with the letter of freedom, whereas the of Neymar Jr and the PSG already has jumped by the airs and is of public domain. For the moment, in any case, both players follow far of the Barça, further that the information was or no in the true.

The FC Barcelona, a club with a special charm

Rexach Thinks that, if really Neymar and Alves wish to go back, is because of the "big charm of this club and this special hook, that have it very few teams in the world. It occurs me that, although it was our big rival, the Real Madrid also has it and, as a lot, there is three or four clubs more in the planet that are able to offer you all the repertoire that does happy to a footballer: make money, win titles and win popularity".

"For putting an example: sure that strolling by Paris has more popularity a player of the Barça that one of the PSG", continues Rexach, putting of self-evident that the epicentre of the football is in Barcelona and in Madrid, but no in Paris. Or at least no to day of today, in spite of all the millions that carry invested Nasser To the-Khelaifi and company to try triumph in Europe.

They have not achieved it, because clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid follow on top of the all, as it has been historical tradition in the last decades. No all buys with money. And it can that, now, Alves and Neymar Jr are beginning to darse .

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