Philippe Coutinho, before a party with the Liverpool


The Barça, had to fichar to Coutinho and Paulinho

Published:25/07/2017 - 13:48h

Updated:25/07/2017 - 13:39h

The midfield player of the Guangzhou Evergrande and the half offensive of the Liverpool are two firm aims and real to execute in the weeks to come, what would expand the payroll of 'canarinhos' in the rows barcelonistas. Like this it aims it "Sportive World"

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Waiting for that close finally the serial Neymar, Robert Fernández follows working to piecework to close the staff definitively, so much in the chapter of exits as in the one of arrivals. In this second there is new informations that aim that andl Barça would be had to do an effort to bring to Paulinho and Coutinho this same summer.

Everything earns more sense attending to the information that knew this Monday that Neymar could receive the Spanish nationality the next month of September, what would leave hollow so that they came more non-EU players. An interesting movement to reinforce more the staff. 

We would speak of two really important movements to economic level, with totals that would go until the more than 100 million euros with total security. But so that fructifiquen it is necessary to negotiate hard with the Guangzhou Chinese and the Liverpool, that will play the previous of the Champions in August. 

The intention of the ones of Klopp is to retain to his star, but all could change if the English do not surpass this phase and remain without contesting the Champions. The team of Scolari, on the other hand, finish his league in winter. It could demorarse the arrival of Paulinho until this date? Neither descarta.

Suárez can influence

The ariete Uruguayan is one of the best friends of Coutinho. Both coincided in the Liverpool, helping mutually to adapt better to the Premier League. And his domiciles were separated by less than 100 metres in Woolton, a calm place moved away of the centre of the city.

With Neymar, on the other hand, is of leftovers known his good relation. Both carry several years playing together in the selection of Brazil, showing have good connection, by what remains clear that it would be a player that would fit in the diagrams of the Barça.

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