Ousmane Dembélé, in a warming with the Barça


Barça will not wait any longer for Dembélé: They must decide their future this week

Published:11/01/2022 - 12:02h

Updated:11/01/2022 - 13:13h

The FC Barcelona board has given striker Ousmane Dembélé until this week to decide whether or not to accept the renewal with the Blaugranas. The French, meanwhile, is still waiting for a better offer

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The directive of the FC Barcelona begins to lose the patience with Ousmane Dembélé. In the offices of the club have given term to the forward until this week to inform his decision to continue or no in the entity blaugrana, but the forward is still in silence. Tanto The French like his agent, Moussa Sissoko, expect a better offer culé or of another club that approach more to the economic aspirations of 'The Mosquito'.

As it informs 'L'Équipe', to Sissoko did not like him see to Dembélé reappear in field of the Linares the past week, since from the optics of the agent and of the surroundings of the player "treated of a destined party to that the players restarted confidence". "Often when we speak of the renewal speak of money, but does not treat only of this. Also it is the management of his day in day out. This sportive management, going in without just training after the COVID, is really difficult to understand for us", commented Sissoko on the situation of his represented.

For now, Ousmane follows planted expecting an offer that approach to his initial request, that exceeded the 80 million euros to the year. In the meantime, the vice-president culé, Rafa Yuste, affirmed after the party of Granada that the team "wishes and expects that this renewal that the míster wants it and want to it all produce the before possible". However, the directive has taken the decision of not making more efforts by the forward. It is he the one who has to decide yes remains or leaves .

One of the teams interested in fichar to the player of 24 years is the Paris Saint-Germain. Nevertheless, L'Équipe ensures that the Parisian group has descartado incoporar to Dembélé from June, as it is not inside the plans of the managerial negotiate by him still if Kylian Mbappé leaves . Another of the candidates to do with the services of the one of Vernon is Chelsea. Tomas Tuchel directed him a year in the Borussia Dortmund, where the forward exhibited his best form, and the French has manifested publicly that it would like him play in the Premier League.

The rebeldía of Dembélé is not new thing

Ousmane Already has lived similar moments in his short career. In 2017, after a year in Dortmund, the French declared in rebeldía until the Borussia did not sell him to the Barcelona. Even ausentó 15 days of the trainings. A year before, andl footballer also had denied to accept his traspaso to the Salzburgo, when it played in the Stade Rennes.

In the offices of the Barça expect that Dembélé finish renewing, since his exit in summer would suppose an economic hit for the club. By the contrary, if the player left in this market also would be a big relief for the arks culés, but the options of exit in this moment are really minimum. Xavi has he and expects that his situation resolve prompt, but if the forward declares in rebeldía will not doubt in separating it of the team.

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