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The career of Valdés is… In hands of Mourinho!

Published:31/05/2016 - 20:25h

Updated:1/06/2016 - 07:54h

The Manchester United has the option to renew the agreement of Víctor Valdés of automatic form before 30 June. José Mourinho will decide if it wants that the Catalan follow or finish free once and for all. Both had an encontronazo

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It does not know if for well or for bad, but the future of Víctor Valdés is tied to José Mourinho. The man with which had a sour clash after the semifinals of Champions of the 2009-2010 between Barça and Inter of Milan. The cancerbero treated that the trainer out of the Camp Nou after carrying several minutes causing to the local fans after the pass of his Inter to the final and finish to pushes.

Therefore it results curious that now the one of Setúbal can prolong the suffering of the goalkeeper of L'Hospitalet or, by the contrary, leave it free so that it choose his destination. The guardameta finishes his agreement this 30 June but the English team has the option to renew automatically his links a year more before said date.

At present the Manchester United has David of Gea and Sergio Romero in the goal. The idea is that the Argentinian abandon the team and perhaps can go in here Valdés, as second goalkeeper of the put toledano. To his 34 years the idea of Valdés is or that or look for another team in the Premier League. It does not want to, this yes, go back to the Spanish league.

It will be necessary to see if "Mou" continues with the agony of Víctor or no. It does not know very very how it will react and if it will think that the incident of the Camp Nou already is past stepped. What is clear is that worse that has done it to him happen a fellow supposition as it is Louis go Gaal is impossible that do it to him go back to happen Mourinho. Or yes, the one who knows.

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